An all-in-one machine with twin-roller plate printing

The utility model relates to a mimeograph which has the dual functions of platemaking and printing. The mimeograph comprises a machine body which is composed of the machine, a power transmission mechanism, a control mechanism, a paper inlet and outlet mechanism, an ink supply mechanism and a plate making mechanism installed on the body. Its technical features are: An upper drum and a lower drum are installed between the two sides of the front of the body. The two ends of the drum shaft are installed on the two side plates; the two drum shafts are respectively installed at the two sides of the plate through the shaft sleeves and the compression springs, and the installation rollers are installed at both ends of the roller. Gauze synchronous belt. The structure of the mimeograph is reasonable, the roller coating is uniform, and the ink penetration performance of the gauze is good, which can improve the mimeograph quality.

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