NJM/CLI Launches RFID Integrated 400 System

NJM/CLI has launched an RFID integrated 400 system that can quickly, reliably encode, verify and label RFID tags, up to 30 cases or boxes per minute.

The company combined Zebra's RFID printers and verification scanners with the company's 400 printing and labeling machines. The new system automatically removes bad labels before labeling. Other optional items include RFID-assisted antennas and readers that allow the system to write labels outside of the main RFID printer and attach special labels in response to customs requirements for maximum versatility. NJM/CLI can also adjust the RFID system to a variety of communication capabilities, such as Ethernet, to communicate with upstream and downstream devices.

The system can be used for vertical and horizontal labeling. If the label position is on the side, corner or both sides, the corresponding tool can be selected.

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