Factors affecting the quality management of corrugated cartons

With the rapid development of the carton industry and the increasingly fierce competition, the carton industry has reached the era of meager profits. Quality management, as the key to cost control, is bound to become the top priority in corporate management. Due to the characteristics of paper products themselves, coupled with the production and use of cartons are subject to many environmental or process impacts, there are many unpredictability in the production of cartons. The reasons for the carton quality problems are various and often fluctuating. It is these varied factors that bring many difficulties to quality management.

Mechanical factors that affect quality management

The development of the corrugated box industry should first be the development of carton machinery. Every carton company will purchase equipment in time to meet the needs of development, and some equipment suppliers often exaggerate their functions when selling their own equipment, making the equipment In the use after purchase, the expected effect is not achieved, and even high-priced equipment is left idle because it does not meet the needs of the factory. At the same time, it occupies a large amount of funds and worsens the hard-to-carry cartons. Because the influence of mechanical equipment is often restrictive, once an abnormality or failure occurs, it often results in mass loss of quality or even suspension of production. For example, corrugated roll as the core of corrugated board production line contains a number of high-tech, if there are some problems such as abnormal wear and tear during production, it will directly affect the quality of cardboard: poor adhesion, corrugated deformation, inconsistent cardboard thickness, and thus affect To print, and the overall resistance of the carton and so on.

Raw material factors affecting quality management

In the cost of the carton industry, raw paper costs often account for 60%-70% of the total cost. Due to the continuous strengthening of environmental protection awareness in the world, the production cost of the base paper is also increasing, and the paper industry will, to a certain extent, transfer the increased costs partly to the carton industry. This factor, together with the increasingly fierce competition within the carton industry Promote the carton industry's profit margins are greatly reduced. The quality of raw materials directly affects all aspects of production and even affects the overall quality of the carton. For example, among the raw materials, the most important one is the base paper. There are several physical indicators for the base paper. We need to test the physical indicators of different aspects of various base papers according to different purposes. Any change in physical index of the base paper will affect the final quality of the carton, such as the grammage, compactness, folding strength, ring pressure strength, tensile strength, water absorption, moisture content, impurity content, etc. of the paper, and paper. The sensory effects of the surface, such as the color of the paper, flatness, etc. The paper moisture content affects the flatness of the paperboard. The paper crushing strength will directly affect the paperboard side pressure and the carton compressive strength. The paper flatness will affect the printing effect. At the same time, due to the unevenness of the paper surface, The increased pressure of the flexographic printing plate will cause some damage to the flat compressive strength of the cardboard. Therefore, we need to monitor different physical indicators of the paper according to different requirements, and minimize the negative impact caused by the paper on all aspects of the carton. Corrugated box production will also use some of the specific raw materials such as starch, ink, etc., these auxiliary materials will play a decisive role in the production quality of the carton key processes, in the quality inspection can not be ignored. So there are some big companies that consider qualified suppliers and good customers to be equal.

Environmental factors that affect quality management

The quality management process of the corrugated box industry can be affected by special circumstances. For example, the carton compressive strength will decrease with the weather, and the carton bending strength will become difficult to control as the weather is dry. In this changing environment, we must make appropriate adjustments to the raw materials and production processes so that the physical properties of the carton can adapt to this change. For example, in the wet rainy season, many companies will require stricter glue addition to the base paper. Processing, while putting a lot of raw paper costs in winter. Loss of paper, the physical indicators of the spring season is to adjust the papermaking raw materials to enhance the paper is tantamount to wasting the base paper, this is the maximum tensile strength of the carton production, in order to adapt to the cartons for the degree of folding requirements.

Human Factors Affecting Quality Management

Multi-machine-linked automated cartons production lines have not been popularized, and most of our corrugated box production is still staff-intensive. Due to the different concept of workers, it will bring some changes to the various aspects of carton production. As a result of conscious ignorance, it is often easy to cause loss of batch quality accidents. This is the most unwillingness of the carton company to see in the process of quality management. In view of this situation, companies will monitor the various aspects of production and form a complete set of quality inspection procedures. This is necessary for quality management. In the quality management, timely strengthening of corporate culture and education, people's subjective initiative to play the best, eliminate or reduce the waste caused by human factors.

Every enterprise has its own way of survival. The so-called all road leads to Rome. In a company's quality management, any details can not be ignored. The existence of each problem has its roots. The most direct way to solve this problem is to find the source of the problem, start from the root, and start from the details of each problem. From the details you will find the root of the problem. In fact, quality management is also a process of scientific research. Quality management is not a simple inspection. Inspection is only part of quality management. When we encounter a non-qualified situation, we need to ask one. Perhaps a simple problem can be further investigated. New World. I once worked in a company for a period of time on the investigation of the carton compressive pressure, and finally found out that there are many factors affecting the carton compressive resistance in the company's production process. There are many points worthy of us. For the ring. In our production process, in order to achieve better printing results, we will use some linings to increase the flexibility of the board to make up for the cardboard, and this company is using arbk's air pad, this pad is It consists of a base and a high-elastic foam layer. The worker fixes the flexographic plate to the plate liner so that the sponge part of the plate is firmly attached to the plate roller, making the substrate directly in contact with the flexographic plate. This approach is tantamount to anti-padding carpets, ignoring the main role of the lining, reducing the use of the lining. At the same time, in order to reduce the production cost, the company uses a poor flexographic plate with high hardness. The two factors are superimposed together, causing serious damage to the flat compressive strength of the cardboard during the printing process, and affecting the compressive strength of the carton. The direct factor. The production cost control of carton enterprises is not based on the loss of quality. For some key processes, we need to choose more high-grade raw materials to ensure that we have a lot of unpredictability in the production of corrugated boxes. We need to consider them in quality management. Some of the long-term. Strengthen the inspection and verification at the initial stage of the work, and prevent them from being dulled, predict some problems that may arise in the work, and take corresponding preventive measures on these issues. The so-called quality management, ahead of schedule, at the beginning of the design of a new product, we need to predict what kind of problems this product will encounter in production, so that the initial prevention of design can be achieved, which is to reduce the failure of new product development. Effective means. For example, according to customer requirements for carton size design, base paper design, layout design, mechanical use design, process design, and effective verification after these designs. If it is a mistake in design, the losses will be a result of the collapse. Every company has had such painful lessons on the initial development path.

Author/Anti-Jie Baoding Yuejin Carton Co., Ltd. Source of information "Corrugated carton" 2005, 9

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