Four steps to teach you how to properly remove the eye makeup?

Four steps to teach you how to properly remove the eye makeup?
Many MMs have the habit of making eye makeup, but they find that the skin around the eyes is dry and wrinkled after makeup removal, and they are allergic from time to time. What is going on here? It turned out that they had problems with the makeup removal method. It seems that there are still many flaws in unloading eye makeup. The following small series teaches you how to properly remove the eye makeup!
Correct remover step
First of all, you can't squat back and forth on the fragile eye skin. The cotton pad should be soft as much as possible. Of course, the level and steps of the makeup remover should be determined according to the concentration of the makeup.
Unloading Eye Makeup Step 1: Soak a thick cotton pad to cleansing oil and gently press it on your eyes for 3-5 seconds to blend mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and other makeup remover with cleansing oil. To wear contact lenses, first remove the contact lenses and then remove the makeup. Otherwise, it is dangerous to remove the makeup oil into the eyes. Then gently wipe the makeup in the up, down, left and right directions.
The second step of unloading the eye makeup: After the first step, basically the eye shadow and the eyeliner can be unloaded relatively clean. Next, fold the cotton pad and use four corners to gently wipe the roots of the eyelashes to remove residual eyeliner and mascara. Be careful not to use too much cleansing oil, otherwise there will be a lot of cleansing oil left on the eyelids where it is difficult to remove, leading to fat particles.
Unloading Eye Makeup Step 3: If waterproof mascara is used, further cleaning is required. Place the cotton pad twice and place it on the lower eyelid. Gently wipe the upper eyelashes with a cotton swab. The cotton swab can be wiped while rolling, and people who are not accustomed to using a cotton swab can also be replaced with a cotton pad that is folded.
Unloading Eye Makeup Step 4: Finally, gently wipe the lower eyelids with the four corners of the cotton pad, and wipe the eye shadow and eyelashes dropped to the lower eyelids. Finally, put the cotton pad on the upper eyelid and wipe the mascara remaining at the lower end of the eyelash with a cotton swab. If the lower eyelashes are also coated with mascara, remove them in the same way.

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