Simple three stroke skin care experts teach you how to choose a mask

Simple three strokes Skin care experts teach you how to choose a mask
The mask looks the same. How to choose a good mask from a variety of masks, let the skin care expert Li Mingze to teach you, three strokes to choose a good mask. Start your "film" maintenance plan together!
The first trick: mask texture
The texture of the mask affects the comfort and use of the mask. The thin texture, the silky, delicate and thin touch is definitely the best. The water absorption and fit of the mask also determine the absorption of the mask essence. It has strong water absorption, can absorb the maximum dose of nutrients, and with a perfect fit on the face, it can make the skin drink enough.
2nd stroke: mask thickness
Not necessarily the thicker the mask, the more essence and nutrients it contains. A good mask, even a thin piece, can hold the maximum dose of nutrients tightly, without the need to make the skin airtight.
The third measure: essence ingredients
The essence is the core of the mask. The composition of the essence and the dosage are the most direct factors that determine the price, the feeling of use and the effect of use. The cheap or expensive mask is determined by the concentration and proportion of the essence. In general, the high-quality mask will use the essence and the texture is more viscous; inferior mask will be replaced by gel or lotion, often with a pile They are all left in the mask bag, so be careful before buying.
Watson's newly-launched Tencel mask series has special ingredients such as snail mucus extract, silk fibroin, hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence, etc., which restores the skin to a supple and full-bodied, reproducible moisturizing and smoothing. Glorious.

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