Meet the love pink peach makeup

Meet the love, pink peach makeup
Although many people have the heart to go to the peach blossoms, they are afraid that the peach makeup is too tender and too swaying, and the pink is difficult to control. If you start, you will become very "mother". In fact, whether it is cute MM or light mature lady, you can try to mix the different depths and layers of pink, and draw a good look with peach makeup! Learn the correct peach makeup painting together with Xiaobian!
Makeup step
Step1 makeup
Pearl brightening
For bright pink peach makeup, it is important to create a base that is translucent. You can choose a foundation with a pearlescent effect in the foundation. The color is bright, the skin exudes a translucent natural luster, and the smile naturally has more affinity.
Step2 Blush
Let the pink diffuse
Blush is the place where peach blossom makeup is most needed. Do not use rose red, vermilion, these are not suitable for large-scale peach makeup. Don't be afraid, use a pure pink color and blush on the cheeks. The area is bigger! From the position of the lower eye shadow, the pink can be swept to the temple position! Although we generally do not put rouge in such a large range when making up. But doing so does have the effect of brightening the face.
Of course, such a large area of ​​blush is a secret. If it is a long face type, it can be swept from the humerus in a direction of 30 degrees, gradually connecting the lower eye shadow position; if it is an elliptical face, it will be laughed at our most common "smile muscle blush method". The position of the apple muscle is swept red. If your face is very sharp, it doesn't matter. You can also sweep the pink and red from the temple to the cheek. This will not only modify the face, but also retain your personal style on the basis of pink, not too sweet.
Professional Tips
1, if you are afraid of mastery, you can take a lower makeup, close to the bristles, so it is easier to control the strength and range of the hand.
2, if there are some small acne on the face, do not use the circular way to directly blush, so it is easy to accidentally reveal the face.
Step3 eye makeup
Peach blossom electric eye is not afraid of pink
The peach road electric eye of the most positive road is of course a pink eye shadow. But are you worried that pink will make your eyes swollen? The trick is that the pink color should be controlled within the range of the double eyelid wrinkles. First use the most popular gold in this season to lay the bottom, then put a pink eye shadow on the folds of the double eyelids. note! Don't use a touch of pink because of shyness, which will make your eyes swollen! To choose a pink with a high brightness, but the range of blooming is not too large, and it can be strictly controlled in the folds of double eyelids.
Many southerners feel that their skin color is not white and red, and they are worried about yellowish or black skin. It is difficult to use pink. In fact, purple skin lotion can be used to adjust the skin tone, making the skin look whiter and more red. However, pink eyeshadow is more suitable for small MM. If your face is too large, you will give another peach electric eye solution: purple scheme.
The combination of purple and gold is also the color of makeup this autumn and winter. If you feel that your skin is black and yellow, you can choose grayish purple, and the color is soft, instead of choosing too bright purple.
These two eye makeups can be used to draw an upper eyeliner in a thin black color, and the lower eyeliner does not have to be drawn. Eyelashes don't have to be too exaggerated, and the rooted brushing method can highlight the watery feeling of the eyes.
Step4 lip makeup
BlingBling is the most important
With the eye and blush focused on the "peach blossom", the lip is of course not to blur the focus. The main point of peach makeup is to maintain the overall brightness, so the lip makeup can naturally add some brightness.
The lip makeup should be naturally moisturized, creating a natural and beautiful image of the oxygen. If you are worried that the lip gloss alone is not long-lasting, you can use a matte color on the lipstick, then a high-gloss lip gloss, the face is bright, and the whole person looks spirited. Naturally, you will have good luck. .
Other makeup Tips
1, eyebrows can be lightly brushed with light brown, do not use the shape of the black thick eyebrows, otherwise red and black is like a big show, it is very exaggerated.
2, the hair is best micro-volume, reflecting the charm of a small woman. Use the styling products to maintain a moist and lustrous effect.

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