Teach you how to force, outdoor equipment is not completely Raiders

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Ye Liangchen, the forerunner of the match, fired for so long! The installation of the outdoor circle has also been put on the agenda. With the most basic requirements for loading, it is necessary to correctly understand that it is a noble matter to force this thing. It needs to be equipped with integrity. If the force is not enough, it is to pretend to be a grandson. The result can be imagined.

As for how to force outdoor equipment, nothing more than two points: hardware equipment, software equipment. If you want to pretend to be quietly installed, from the inside out, from inside to outside, everywhere exudes a breath of outdoor high-end people, and listen to Xiaobian slowly. Today's topic name: On how to install elegantly in the outdoors. Thank guests Da Vinci Personal homepage to continue to visit topics, talk about loading those things, click on the topic link

First of all, if you are not bad about money, I believe you will be driving far away on the road! ! Loading force to remember: Do not buy domestic three or four line brand equipment, such as camels, Beishan Wolf ... ... Columbia, Pathfinder is best not to use, a little professional donkey don't use these two brands, domestic Kailas kaile stone, Ozark Ozark has a better reputation. Or use international famous brand TNF, wolf claw, rat, bird, Italian hiking shoes and so on! The primary donkey may not understand, Xiao Bian temporarily does not install force, detailed report (TNF north, JACK WOLFSKIN dewclaws, MARMOT marmot, Arc'teryx Archaeopteryx).

Prepared to line up, only counted in the door, for experienced people, discerning donkey and ashes players will certainly not rely on new lines. The player's qualifications are shown in detail, such as the degree of wear of the rucksack and hiking boot edges. It can be said that the more people use the equipment, the more experienced the players; the new and old people, at least, are not the first sisters of the first-generation brothers; those who are new and bright, you know.

There is also a key point of photography equipment, 1DX, 5DIII, Big Three, kata's camera bag, Gitzo's carbon frame is loaded with sharp weapon.

When the hardware is complete, we go home and put on a full set of equipment. We spray a mustache foam on the jackets. We can wipe them like snowflakes, put on the seat belts, put on various locks, hold the ice and put the phone on. Self-portrait on the opposite table, and then on the Internet to find a picture of the top of the snow-capped mountains, put their P up, reduced to 100x100 pixels, the equipment cool, QQ, WeChat microblogging and other social account heads are all for this, and then Change all the signatures to something like this: 8000 meters of clear air; there are still higher peaks; my heart is still there, the mountains are there ... from time to time in the cool square equipped with various HD outdoor photos, in the outdoor circle, you The fame gradually grew. This will force N levels upwards, and you will be deeply in ALICE's mind.

With equipment, mixed with familiar faces, we must take the connotation line. You need to know some outdoor celebrities to learn about outdoor events, such as stepping on a snow lotus, looking at several outdoor games, and memorizing them. Warm tips are equipped with cool information.

At this point, you have successfully installed a highly qualified outdoor veteran.

Small uncovered material: The device was forced to gather Dacheng events: Nationals husband Wang Sicong, po out Jingdong computer desk, intended to complain Jingdong Express slow, but its desk has a small U disk, was discovered by users is Kingston's DataTraveler HyperX Predator USB 3.0 series. 512GB version Jingdong sells for 4999 yuan, and 1TB version sells for 9999 yuan. Suddenly shivering. Of course, the husband is really rich, but the method of beating on the side and hitting the west is already being put in an impetus.

This article is purely entertainment, with maps and articles have nothing to do, Er Kang lying in guns, Kang Kang powder deep expression.

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