3D printing helps you shape the office space that suits you best

Now, looking at various startups, design studios, technical departments, and various standard offices, it feels boring and boring. All office spaces are almost the same. They are separated by gray small grids. The entire office space is dead. .

The creative space of open concepts is very different, people can move freely and give full play to their ideas and ideas. To this end, the iconic modern furniture designer Herman Miller designed the Metaform portfolio, allowing everyone to freely customize their work area.

This combination is based on a large PEP module and weighs less than 20 pounds. Each module can be easily moved and combined at will. It can be shaped into open, semi-closed, closed and other different spaces, and then equipped with various shelves and hooks. Suitable for any wide range of needs. The height of the laptop stand can be adjusted freely, and the earphone winder, magazine rack, vase, coat hook and even banana clip can be set arbitrarily.

This versatile operating system is flexible enough to adapt to changing needs, maximizing people's productivity. And 3D printing technology allows such a design to be completely freely customizable, giving more people the ability to control their surroundings.

Each module is printed in 3D according to individual needs. Users can select materials, colors, textures according to their own preferences, and then place orders directly from their website. If you have a 3D printer, you can download the STL file and print it yourself. The site also provides a community platform where users can share their experiences.

As Tim Berners Lee said: “People once thought that the Internet is another world, but now people realize that it is just a tool, and we are the ones who use tools in this real world.” Again, we Using 3D printing tools in everyday life, this truly reminds us that 3D printing is not in the distant future, but is around us.


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