White Whale World Chief Xiao will give an important speech at the China Theme Park Focus Summit

The world of white whales is located in the city commercial complex. It is based on the theme of original marine fairy tales. It is represented by the brand name of the fairy tale white whales. It provides home entertainment units, theme foods, and themes for children under the age of 12 as the core consumer unit. Commodity, theme activity in one of the one-stop service. The world of white whales is planned and prepared by Dalian Shengya Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd., which is operated by Great White Whale World Management Co., Ltd. and is headquartered in Dalian, Liaoning.
Shengya is widely recognized as the pioneer of the first listed marine park and third-generation aquarium in China. However, since 2012, the company has first declared its intention to transform itself from a professional theme park into a creator of the entire industry chain. Next, it has to rely on the “Baldor Whale Project” to transform Sageya into an original content centered on a comprehensive application. A large-scale cultural platform that spans media and cross-industry chains, including books, animation, film and television, games, performing arts, and theme parks. In the future, Shengya will also form a collaborative model of "theme park + original literature + film and television" to create "China Blue Disney." Picture 1
The reason why Sheng Ya has become more and more “understandable” since 2012 is because Xiao Feng, who has been serving Shengya for 17 years in the past six months, was appointed as a trader. Therefore, the story of St. James's transformation can basically be used as a turning point in 2012, or to say, the starting point. "The spring of the saints is coming, and this spring is very strong in spring." In early 2012, the news of the inside wind of St. It's Xiao Feng who releases the words.
He entered Shengya in 1996 and became the general manager in July 2011. During this period, he served as the company's project manager, special assistant to the general manager, and manager of the investment management department responsible for capital operations, secretary of the board of directors, assistant to the general manager, and deputy general manager of the company. , deputy general manager, director and general manager and a series of duties - remember that Xiao Feng once focused on the role of capital operation. Often, the role determines the perspective, the perspective determines the thinking, and the mind decides to act as -- he had participated in the company's glitzy listing in 2002, and also experienced the company's main business loss for six years from 2003 to 2009. And his new 2011-2012 year is just that the company has just survived the loss period.
In the spring that Xiao Feng said, it is necessary to carry out the “bailout whale program”: to create original children’s literature in the upstream, animation and derivative products for books and videos in the middle reaches, to make children’s playgrounds and marine parks in the downstream, and eventually to build Shengya into a full industrial chain. Theme park. For more than 30 years since the development of the domestic theme parks, it has been claimed that they will build themselves into the entire industry chain. Shengya is the first one. In other words, the future of Shengya will be shifted from the marine park where children linger and retreat to the children themselves, and related entertainment and culture. This is like turning from pot to water. The former is very limited, while the latter's imagination is almost infinite.
Nowadays, the employees of Shengya have more and more deep feelings for opening up. “In the past, old people felt that Sanya was thinking about doing their own thing well. They just wanted to do a good job in this part of the theme park, so they would learn everywhere and continue to increase investment. The construction of hardware." But now, the wind has changed. The words that we hear the most are "integration", "openness" and "doing together". In particular, the phrase that Xiao Feng often says - "I am very important in my mind, my heart, and how big the stage is." In Xiao Feng's plan, the future of Sun Yat-sen must be a platform for everyone to participate. When the world has become more and more flat, in the face of capital, there is only integration and no barriers. Maybe it is good to look at the business from the perspective of capital rather than the industry, and it only makes Xiao Feng change its course on the path of industrial integration and go farther and farther. Everything may have been doomed from the beginning.
At present, the "bailout whale plan" is advancing rapidly. While the upstream original story is on the market, the three product lines of the indoor children's paradise, the fifth-generation marine park, and the water (sea) shore city with the "big white whale" as the unified brand have been planned and designed. Among them, the Great White Whale World Children's Park was put into operation in September 2013. In the past two years, it has opened 25 stores in 22 cities across the country; various products and water (sea) shore cities under the Fifth Generation Ocean Park have started construction. . Latest News China Theme Park Focus Summit The Organizing Committee has successfully invited Xiao Feng, director and general manager of Dalian Shengya Tourism Holdings Co., Ltd., to attend the China Theme Park Focus Summit - Family Entertainment Center and give an important speech at the conference. Let us look forward to the industry insights that Mr. Xiao will share for us at the conference on October 29-30.
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