Touch your visual nerve: 3D printed honeycomb lighting system

In fact, using 3D printing technology to design indoor lighting is nothing new. With the development of 3D printing technology, 3D printing will occupy a more important position in interior decoration. More and more people want their homes to be distinctive and beautiful.

Space lighting has always been an important part of the interior design of furniture or architecture, whether it is because of the natural light of the special time of the day to design the position of the window in the building, or the use of artistic lighting system in the interior decoration, Light is ultimately one of the most important factors in determining the quality of interior design.

Since we can use 3D printing technology to create new shapes that we have never had before, or to re-create existing items in a customized way, we can also use it in the custom design of indoor lighting. Let's take the OFweek3D printing network to bring you this artistic masterpiece born in the magical additive manufacturing technology.

The 3D printed optical lighting system called STUTTGART is an exploratory project for Delft University student M. Grossl for his graduation project, a highly creative solution that helps architects and architects. Interior designers make better use of the natural light that has been generally forgotten.

The STUTTGART system is a modular honeycomb structure made with 3D printing that can be customized to match almost any type of indoor space. The system not only produces a lighting effect that is close to natural light, but also transforms large open spaces in visual effects – such as turning an abandoned swimming pool into a restaurant.

To illuminate the interior of the space, STUTTGART uses an existing system to collect the fibers that are often used in light, creating a natural daylight illumination extension. In addition to providing usable light, the fiber can also function as a honeycomb structure that supports the ceiling.

According to Grossl, the honeycomb structure can be separated from the ceiling by magnets if needed. The five "cells" on each side of the structure can be customized to achieve light throughput control. In addition, if used in actual projects, the lens shape of the honeycomb structure can also be customized by 3D printing.

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