What happened to the silicon PU market in 2015? Comprehensive interpretation of four dimensions

As the country pays more and more attention to the sports industry and the people's requirements for sports stadiums and gymnasiums are getting higher and higher, the paving materials of sports venues will also highlight the importance of environmental protection and safety. Then, as an important member of the sports paving materials, what are the major events in the silicon PU market in the first half of 2015? What changes are worth looking forward to? Guoxin Silicon & PU takes you from a total of four dimensions to fully understand!


1. The competition in the silicon PU market will be more intense than before. Since the birth of silicon PU material in 2000, the newly developed silicon PU material has been popularized for its superior weatherability, safety, environmental protection, and comprehensive protection for users. It is highly popular among constructors and users of professional stadiums. The favor. The name of silicon PU has also been recognized and respected by the market. Many chemical manufacturers have taken a look at the potential business opportunities in this market. By the first half of 2015, there have been hundreds of silicon PU manufacturers, most of which are located in South China. In the region, there are still relatively few manufacturers producing silicon PU materials in the southwest region. In these large or small manufacturers, the quality of silicon PU is also mixed, and even some manufacturers use PU products instead of silicon PU, leading to vicious competition in the field construction market in some areas. This situation has also been a considerable period of time. Will continue to exist. Therefore, smart consumers need to pay attention to understanding the differences between silicon PU materials and other traditional materials, and judging and selecting suitable paving materials according to their own needs and expectations.

2. The silicon PU course is popular, but it does not affect the sales of some traditional plastic runways and sports venue materials, such as acrylic stadiums and even EPDM. The traditional PU stadium will continue to exist in some areas because of its cost advantage. According to statistics, the traditional PU stadiums that need to be renovated nationwide will reach tens of millions of square meters, and the infinite imagination of the market will increase the space for stadium renovation. In some areas, such as the second and third tier cities in the northeast and southwest, the refurbishment of the community football field and basketball court will also bring huge business opportunities to the popularity of silicon PU materials, and the prospects will be promising. Data shows that the potential use of silicon PU in China will reach as much as 50 million - 80 million tons.

3, Silicon PU is a kind of low VOC water-based material, its diluent is water, aqueous silicone elastic middle layer liquid and water-based PU dispersion as base resin, with anti-ultraviolet agent, filler, inorganic paste, microsilica fiber and additives. group. The safety of silicon PU has been greatly recognized by international authoritative organizations and the domestic market. The safety of materials and the ease of construction have made silicon PU materials throw away from traditional pavement materials into the fast lane.

4, silicon pu marketing and promotion model will also use the mobile Internet O2O model, out of the traditional industrial misunderstanding, the use of the advantages of Industry 4.0, and offline stores and terminal consumers interact to form an industry closed-loop. In this regard, many silicon PU manufacturers have opened a public platform for WeChat service, and can even call the online high-quality platform such as course maintenance, silicon PU college, etc., in this way, silicon PU material manufacturers and users, builders The space distance will be greatly reduced. The construction of any stadium can be well documented from material to construction to maintenance, and can be traced back to the source. This is one of the biggest changes in the silicon PU market in 2015.

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