Advanced skin care benefits for baby products

Advanced skin care benefits for baby products

There are many products that can provide similar effects to advanced skin care products. The ingredients are more natural and safe, and the price is relatively cheaper. And there are usages that you don't know or can't think of, let's take a look.

1, remover

Baby-specific cleaning wipes are powerful and well known. In addition to being soft and sensitive, even the makeup can be easily removed, and the impression of the hair dye on the skin can be removed to prevent allergies. In addition, BB oil can not only remove blackheads, but also remove waterproof mascara.

2, deal with dry skin

I believe everyone knows that BB oil can keep the skin moist. As long as the body is still wet after bathing, BB oil is applied to the whole body, which can lock the body moisture, so that the skin will not dry, and the pregnant woman can prevent it. The production of pregnancy-stretch marks.

3. For dry lips

It can accelerate the hydration of the skin and protect the skin of the nipple. Of course, even if the baby eats it, it is harmless, so even if we use it to moisturize the lips, it is safe.

4, clean personal clothing

Intimate clothing such as pajamas, underwear, etc., in order to protect them carefully, everyone will wash them by hand. In fact, using baby shampoo, you can protect both the clothes and the clothes. Because baby shampoo is used to protect the baby's delicate hair and skin, the ingredients must be mild, so it can also be used on close-fitting clothing.

5, deal with greasy hair

If your hair is often greasy, instead of using another shampoo that is dry, try using baby powder or it will change your life. Applying the required amount of talcum powder to your hair will make your greasy hair refreshed.

6, the beach must

Baby sunscreens are not only sufficient to prevent UV rays from damaging adult skin, but also contain no chemicals and additional additives, making them safer and more environmentally friendly. When you go to the beach, you will get sand. It is also a nuisance to remove. It can be easily removed with baby powder!

7, keep smooth after depilation

Every time after depilation, the skin will inevitably become stabbed. At this time, you need to use BB oil! Yes, the BB oil can be used to make the skin smooth after depilation. You can even use it instead of shaving cream or It is the use of hair removal cream, so you have to keep your skin smooth!

Manual Hospital Bed

1. Frame :high quality section steel welding,The surface electrostatic spray, durable, beautiful and generous.

2. Bed panel is made of molding cold rolled steel, surface electrostatic spray, corrosion resistant, easy to clean.

3. Head & foot board:use ABS high quality engineering plastics and stainless steel pipe, lined with fireproof board, beautiful appearance, soft color . easy to removed.

4. Caster:use Taiwan Shi Ke Rui control wheel,No noise, Convenient mobile, four wheel synchronous braking system, lock solid.

5. Guardrail : ABS lifting guardrail, 4-piece, When not in use can be hidden in the bed.

6. Handle:ABS hidden handle



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