Detailed graphic strategy: create a flat belly 15 minutes a day

Want to have a slim waist and look good when wearing tights? Then let your core muscles move, and your abdomen will be flat 15 minutes a day.

     The belly movement was once praised as the “only way to exercise the abdominal muscles.” Everyone will do dozens of sit-ups every day, and even the auxiliary equipment that reduces the burden on the neck appears in the market. The belly is really effective, but it is not the only way to exercise the abdominal muscles. This series of dynamic exercises helps you quickly create a flat belly contour.

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   Single-headed boating: The abdominal muscles are tight, the dumbbells are lifted to the height of the shoulders, and the body is not movable, returning to the starting position.

The method of drawing Eyeliner is to use eyeliner and eyeliner together, so that the eye is extended by 2-3mm. You can choose different eyeliner tools and methods according to different requirements and combinations.

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