The biological safety cabinet is replaced according to the service life effect of the ultraviolet lamp

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1 The safety cabinet should be placed in the primary purification room below 100,000. Before operation, turn on the UV lamp and irradiate for 30min, and then move all the items required for this operation into the safety cabinet to avoid frequent destruction of the air flow by the arms through the air curtain; Pollution.

2 Turn on the fan for 10 minutes, and then conduct the experimental operation after the air in the cabinet is purified and the airflow is stable. Slowly extend your arms into the safety cabinet for at least 2 minutes to make the airflow in the cabinet stable before operating.

3 Nothing unrelated to this experiment is placed in the biological safety cabinet. Items should be placed as far back as possible, not blocking the airway opening, so as not to interfere with the normal flow of airflow.

4 Avoid cross-contamination during operation. In order to prevent possible splashing of droplets, 75% alcohol cotton balls or small pieces of gauze soaked in disinfectant should be prepared to avoid covering the safety cabinet grille with items.

5 During the experimental operation, the glass window cannot be fully opened, and the operator's face should be above the working window. Actions should be gentle and soothing when operating in the cabinet to prevent affecting the airflow in the cabinet.

6 The safety cabinet should be regularly tested and maintained to ensure its normal operation. Once the safety cabinet is found to be working abnormally, it should immediately stop working, take corresponding measures, and notify the quality department manager.

7 After the inspection is completed, close the glass window, keep the fan running for 10 minutes, and turn on the UV lamp for 30 minutes.

8 The safety cabinet should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. The surface of the worktop and the cabinet body can be wiped with 75% alcohol or 0.2% Xinjieer solution; after each inspection work, it should be fully disinfected.

9 The items used in the cabinet should be taken out after the disinfection tank is sterilized, so as to prevent the standard strains from being carried out to pollute the environment and cause biological harm.

Use and maintenance of biological safety cabinet:

Maintenance of equipment

1 After each inspection operation, use 75% alcohol (other fungicides depend on the materials used by the user) to thoroughly clean the surface, side walls, rear walls, and windows of the working area inside the safety cabinet. Do not use a bactericide containing chlorine, as it may cause damage to the stainless steel structure of the safety cabinet. At the same time, clean the surface of the ultraviolet lamp and the power outlet. When cleaning the internal area of ​​the safety cabinet, the operator can't enter the safety cabinet except any hands.

2 If you haven't experimented for a long time, you have to clean and maintain it every two weeks. According to 5.1, regular cleaning of the stainless steel surface will keep it smooth and beautiful.

3 Wipe the external surface of the safety cabinet with a damp cloth every month, especially the front and upper parts of the safety cabinet, and clean the accumulated dust. And check the reasonable use of all maintenance accessories.

4 According to the actual situation, check any physical abnormalities or failures of the safety cabinet every quarter or half a year, and report to the repair in time if there are any abnormalities; remove and clean the primary effect filter to prevent the accumulation of dust, which will lead to insufficient air intake and reduce the cleaning effect.

5 Every year, a qualified certified technician is required to perform performance certification on the safety cabinet, and replace the UV lamp according to the service life effect of the UV lamp; when the normal adjustment or cleaning of the primary effect air filter still fails to achieve the ideal cross-sectional wind speed , The working voltage of the fan should be adjusted (turn the knob) to achieve the ideal uniform wind speed (adjust the wind speed knob from left to right, from low speed to high speed slowly, the new workbench should not be adjusted to the highest wind speed).

6 When the working voltage of the fan is adjusted to the highest point after 18 months of use, and the ideal wind speed is still not reached, it means that the high-efficiency air filter has too much dust (the filter hole on the filter material has been basically blocked and needs to be updated in time) , The general life span of the HEPA filter is 18 months; when replacing the HEPA filter, attention should be paid to the model specifications (original manufacturer configuration), according to the arrow wind direction device, and pay attention to the peripheral seal of the filter, absolutely no leakage Leakage occurs.


1 The safety cabinet is controlled by LED liquid crystal panel. The function keys included in the control panel are: power key, sterilization lamp key, windshield key (fast, slow, no wind), lighting key.

2 After plugging in the 220V AC power supply, press the power switch on the control panel to turn it on and use; when sterilization is required, press the sterilization lamp key; the windshield key has three levels (fast, slow, no wind) cycle, The default is no wind, press once for slow speed, then press for fast, and return to no wind for the third time, so cycle; usually operate the lighting, just press the Ming button.

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