Chemical Gold V8.051 registered version

The software is a set of professional typesetting auxiliary software customized for chemists based on the WORD platform. With this software, you can easily implement the isotope input, atomic structure diagram, electronic formula, electron transfer annotation, organic structure formula, and organic reaction equation commonly used in chemistry. , Reaction condition input, chemistry commonly used symbol input, chemical instrument, chemical device, picture and graphic adjustment and many other practical function functions. At the same time, the software also provides a convenient and easy-to-use question bank system (all of the above functions are free to use).

  • Quality Material: 100% ABS; a special treatment of metallic finish on the surface enables our luggage to be more durable, glossy and scratch-resistant;
  • Nylon Lining: With full lined interior plus accessory pockets and garment divider, to make your belongings more organized and allow of more privacy;
  • Multi-directional Silent Double Wheels: The 4 multi-directional double wheels rotate 360 degrees for easy and fast movement even with heavy contents in luggage;
  • Metal Corners Protection: 2 metal corners protection on the front shell help to keep luggage from collision or damage.

ABS Corner Protection Trolley Luggage

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