2010 Pharmacopoeia gelatin hollow capsules

Take an externally dried 100ml measuring bottle of ethylene oxide, add about 60ml of water, add a stopper and weigh. Use a syringe to inject about 0.3ml of ethylene oxide without a stopper, shake it, close the stopper, and weigh it. The difference between the two weights before and after is the weight of the ethylene oxide in the solution. Dilute to the mark with water. Shake well. Accurately measure an appropriate amount, add water to make a quantitative dilution to a solution containing about 2μg per 1ml, as a control solution; precisely measure 1ml of the control solution into a 20ml headspace bottle, add 9ml of water to the seal, and seal. Take another 2.00g of the capsule shell, weigh it accurately, place it in a 20ml headspace bottle, add 10ml of water at 60 ° C precisely, seal, and shake continuously to dissolve.

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