Three strokes custom made wardrobe easy to create a comfortable home

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] experts teach you three tricks to customize a good wardrobe to create a comfortable home.

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Experts teach you three tricks to customize a good wardrobe to create a comfortable home

Step 1: First determine whether the furniture is customized or buy finished products

Nowadays, when many owners buy a wardrobe, they will choose to customize the manufacturer, not the finished product, and do not ask the woodworker.

The main reasons are as follows: 1 The size and color of the finished wardrobe are fixed and cannot be changed, which can not meet the customization needs of consumers. This is the biggest drawback of the finished wardrobe. 2 Please build the woodwork. Due to the poor materials and equipment, the quality of the finished wardrobe is not guaranteed, and it is very likely that the formaldehyde will exceed the standard, which will endanger the health of the family. And the cost of making furniture for woodwork is not low.

Custom wardrobes are the perfect solution to these problems. For example, the owner can customize the wardrobe in the gold cabinet, and the size can be made according to actual needs. The color of the wardrobe can be chosen to match the style of your home. In terms of quality, since the gold cabinet uses the most environmentally friendly Da Ya E0 health plate, advanced equipment and technology on the market, the wardrobe quality is good and the use time is long; it is very environmentally friendly and does not exceed the standard of formaldehyde.

Step 2: Choose the overall wardrobe brand that meets your needs

If you know that the customized wardrobe is more environmentally friendly and more suitable for your actual situation, it is necessary to choose the right manufacturer. However, there are thousands of wardrobe enterprises in China and abroad. How do we choose?

Suggestion: First of all, we must choose according to our own economic strength. For example, if you want to use a minimum amount of money to set a good furniture, you must choose a cost-effective brand, so that you can save money. The reason why the gold cabinet is loved by many owners is that the price of the product is very high. Because the gold cabinets have passed through more than 400 outlets throughout the country, as well as large-scale group purchases, it allows consumers to set a good price for E0 at a very favorable price, saving a lot of renovation costs.

Second, pay attention to the quality of furniture. Some small manufacturers, small workshops, the price of the wardrobe is very low, but the quality is very poor, formaldehyde is excessive, the wardrobe is easy to damage. Such manufacturers must be careful. It is recommended that everyone should go to the big cabinets with such high quality and high cost.

Step 3: Make an appointment to start the wardrobe

When you choose a satisfactory wardrobe manufacturer, you can start making furniture. When making furniture, it is best to place orders when the manufacturer makes a discount, such as discounts and group purchases, because this time can save more money. Like the gold cabinet overall furniture group purchase, the price of plates and doors generally have great discounts. When the owner chooses to sign the order at this time, he can save a lot of money.

After signing the order, everyone can contact the manufacturer's designer, make an appointment to measure the time of the door-to-door measurement, and then through several communication, determine the number, dimensions, plates, etc. of the home to be trusted, then confirm the drawings, and then you can pay The deposit allows the manufacturer to place an order. After the order is placed, generally only about 30 days, the wardrobe can be installed on site.

Through the above steps, the owners can basically set a satisfactory, environmentally friendly, cost-effective overall wardrobe .

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