Due to exchange rate changes, high and low temperature test chamber prices continue to rise

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Since most of the high and low temperature test chamber products in China are in the low-middle level, the key indicators such as product stability and reliability have not yet reached the requirements. Imported instruments currently account for more than 40% of the overall market share of China's instrumentation industry, including some in the Shenzhen market. Most high-end and large-scale instruments and meters are also imported from the United States and Japan. Therefore, once the exchange rate changes, it will be able to show the price of the domestic high and low temperature test chamber. "Recently affected by the rise of the Japanese exchange rate, the rising price of domestic high and low temperature test chamber prices is no longer controlled by human factors."

Judging from the current demand trend in the instrumentation market, the new market demand also puts forward higher and more requirements for the domestic instrumentation industry, "with faster speed, higher sensitivity, better stability, less sample volume, and detection Products with slight or even non-destructive, remote control distance, more convenient use, lower cost, and no pollution are more favored by the market. "Looking at its market, although the increase is difficult for buyers to accept, it is still in strong demand. Under the impetus, the volume of purchases did not fall but rose, and the instrument market will continue to rise this year.

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