A-B company's product specifications are complete, rich in variety, its main push of large and medium-sized PLC products are PLC-5 series. This series is a modular structure. When the CPU module is PLC-5/10, PLC-5/12, PLC-5/15, PLC-5/25, it belongs to medium PLC. The I/O point configuration range is 256~1024 points. When the CPU module is PLC-5/11, PLC-5/20, PLC-5/30, PLC-5/40, PLC-5/60, PLC-5/40L, PLC-5/60L, it belongs to large scale PLC, I/O points can be configured up to 3072 points. In this series, PLC-5/250 has the strongest function, and can be configured with up to 4096 I/O points. It has powerful control and information management functions. The mainframe PLC-3 can be configured up to 8096 I/O points. AB's small PLC products include the SLC500 series.



1756-M02AE 2- Axis Closed-Loop Servo Module

1756-L63 LOGIX5563 Processor Module value="8" hasspace="False" negative="False" numbertype="1" tcsc="0">8M RAM

1756-L62 LOGIX5562 Processor Module value="4" hasspace="False" negative="False" numbertype="1" tcsc="0">4M RAM

1756-L61 LOGIX5561 processor module value="2" hasspace="False" negative="False" numbertype="1" tcsc="0">2M memory

1756-IV32 10-30VDC 32- Point Input Module, 36- pin

1756-IV16 10-30VDC 16- Point Input Module, 20- pin

1756-IT6I 6- Isolated Thermocouple, 1 Cold Junction Compensation Temperature Analog Input Module, 20- pin

1756-IR6I 6- channel isolated RTD input analog input module, 20- pin

1756-IN16 10-30VAC 16- Point Input Module, 20- pin

1756-IM16I 159-265VAC 16- Point Input Module ( Each Separately Isolated ) , 36- pin

1756-IH16I 90-146VDC 16- Point Input Module ( Each Separately Isolated ) , 36- pin

1756-IG16 0-5VDC 16- Point TTL Input Module, 20- pin

1756-IF8 8 Single-Ended, 4 Differential or 2 High-Speed ​​Differential Analog Input Modules, 36- pin

1756-IF6I 6- channel isolated analog input module, 20- pin

1756-IF16 16- channel single-ended, 8- way differential or 4- channel high-speed differential analog input module, 36- pin

1756-IC16 30-60VDC 16- Point Input Module, 20- pin

1756-IB32 10-31VDC 32- Point Input Module, 36- pin

1756-IB16I 10-30VDC 16- Point Input Module ( Each Separately Isolated ) , 36- pin

1756-IB16D 10-30VDC 16- Point Input Module ( Diagnostic ) , 36- pin

1756-IB16 10-31VDC 16- Point Input Module, 20- pin

1756-IA8D 79-132VAC 8- Point Input Module ( Diagnostic ) , 20- pin

1756-IA32 79-132VAC 32- Point Input Module, 36- pin

1756-IA16I 79-132VAC 16- Point Input Module ( Each Separately Isolated ) , 36- pin

1756-IA16 79-132VAC 16- Point Input Module (2 Groups , 8 Points Each ) , 20- pin

1756-HSC High Speed ​​Counting Module, 36- pin

1756-ENBT Ethernet Communication Interface Module

1756-DNB DeviceNet Communication Module

1756-DHRIO DH+ and Remote I/ O Communication Interface Module

1756-CPR2 Redundant Power Cable

Product Description  

Controllogix System Overview

Controllogix centralizes the many advantages of the Logix Universal Platform - a general-purpose programming environment, a general-purpose communications network, and a general-purpose control engine - that provide an easy-to-use environment that meets the needs of your high-performance applications.

The tight integration of Controllogix in programming software, controllers, and inputs and outputs reduces development costs and time for commissioning and normal operation.

â—† Controllogix system provides discrete control, drive control, motion control, process control, safety control, convenient communication connection, and state-of-the-art input and output functions in a compact and economical product. The Controllogix system is a modular system that you can effectively design, build, and modify, which helps to significantly reduce costs in training and engineering.

The truly redundant controller architecture provides bumpless switching and high reliability.

â—† provide a large number of communication options, more analog, digital and special input and output modules.

â—† Controllogix products are TUV certified and can be used in SIL 2 required projects.

Controllogix content capacity expands to a maximum of value="8" hasspace="False" negative="False" numbertype="1" tcsc="0"> 8M , Controllogix controllers support high-standard process control applications and provide a single The high-speed processing of motion control instructions in the integrated environment.

Controllogix provides modular communication network connection options. You can purchase the corresponding communication module according to your needs.

The Controllogix solution also provides time synchronization capabilities , which are particularly important in the first fault condition and process sequence applications.

According to the application requirements, use different storage capacity Controllogix controller. The CompactFlash card can be used as a mobile storage device for programs.

The Controllogix system has the following advantages:

â—† Modular high performance control platform suitable for sequence, process, transmission, motion control

Each Controllogix controller can perform multiple control tasks, reducing the number of controllers needed, thus solving the problem faster. Several periodic tasks can be started separately to achieve higher performance levels.

â—† Multiple processors, communication modules, and input/output modules can be used in one rack

Controllogix processors, input and output modules, and communication modules are like intelligent nodes on the network.

â—† Universal programming environment and Logix control engine. Controllogix and CompactLogix , FlexLogix , SoftLogix , and DriveLogix are built on the common Logix platform with a common programming environment and Logix control engine.

â—† Connect to NetLinx Open Network

From the equipment to the shop floor to the information management layer, Controllogix highly supports Layer 3 network communication.


The uniqueness of Controllogix :

1. Product design

The Controllogix processor provides an optional user memory module (750K to value="8" hasspace="False" negative="False" numbertype="1" tcsc="0"> 8M bytes ), which can solve a large number of input and output application of points system (supports up to 4000 analog and 128 points, 000 points digital). The processor can control local input and output and remote input and output. The processor may Ethernet EtherNet / IP, control network ControlNet, DeviceNet network device and a remote input-output Universal Remote I / O to monitor the input and output of the system.

When there are multiple processor modules in a Controllogix chassis, even if there are multiple processor modules in the ControlNet ControlNet network, all processors can read input values ​​from all input modules. Any one processor can also control any specific output module. The system configuration specifies which processor is controlled by each output module.

The Controllogix system is a rack-mounted, modular installation. Controllogix I /O modules are modularly installed. The power module is mounted directly on the left side of the Controllogix rack. Controllogix racks have five types of 4 , 7 , 10 , 13, or 17 slots. The module can be inserted in any slot of the rack. The maximum number of channels for the Controllogix I /O module is 32 channels. The mechanical lock of the removable terminal block of each module prevents the application of erroneous voltages to the module. Input and output modules can be hot plugged.

2. Communication

In addition to the built-in RS-232 (DF1/DH-485 protocol ) communication port, the network communication interface is modular. Including Ethernet EtherNet / IP, network control ControlNet, DeviceNet DeviceNet, DH + network, remote network input and output Universal Remote I / O. Controllogix can also be connected to networks such as Profibus DP and Modus via third-party communication modules .

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