Kamaishu Bio's recommended experiment coup today: Tips to avoid mistakes by adding ELISA samples

ELISA is a commonly used detection method in immunology. The light yellow serum can clearly distinguish which well is added and which is not added. However, there are some items that need to be diluted (for example, when making hepatitis B virus core antibody, the serum must be diluted 30 times). The diluted yellowish serum is nearly colorless. It is very easy to make mistakes when adding samples. Which hole has not been added.

Here are a few tips to avoid mistakes when adding samples:

1. Use a piece of paper filled with words. The more words, the better. For example, the newspaper is placed underneath. In this way, the small holes added to the specimen will make the following words look smaller. The words that are not added are normal and are easy to distinguish .

2. It can be distinguished by the liquid surface reflection and the hole not added.

3. After the specimen is added, press down the sample gun completely to make small bubbles on the liquid surface, which can also be distinguished.

4. The gun heads are generally 96 boxes. When adding samples, one gun head corresponds to one sample hole, which can reduce the error rate.

5. In fact, as long as the sample is added, the liquid level will be different, and the difference will be found when looking from the top.

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