Three measures to promote the development of high and low temperature tester industry

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At present, there are still many problems in the development of the high and low temperature tester industry. The internal structure of the enterprise is irrational and the economic benefits are not high; the product structure is irrational and the market share is not high; the research and development strength is weak. Various solutions have been introduced.

First of all, it is mainly to deepen enterprise reform and promote mechanism innovation. Survival of the fittest is the general trend of market development. In order to adapt to market development, demolition and innovation are necessary. Improve the overall quality of state-owned enterprises and reorganize them into three categories according to their operating conditions.

Secondly, through the combination of length and length, internal and external combination to adjust product structure. In the adjustment of product structure, on the one hand, subtraction should be used to suppress "long-term" products, and more importantly, when adjusting the structure for addition, it is not possible to blindly chase the production of hot-selling products in the market. The production line of hot-selling products has the result that the product has excess production capacity and a new round of product structure is unreasonable.

The development of the last enterprise and industry is inseparable from innovation. Strengthening investment in science and technology and promoting technological innovation are key steps.

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