Conditions and precautions for storing serum

Serum refers to the light yellow transparent liquid separated from fibrin by removing blood fibrin after blood clotting or plasma to which fibrin has been removed.

Shanghai Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional agent for high-quality kits and biological research reagents of major brands. The products cover ELISA kits, biological reagents, antibodies, controls, serum, cells, culture media, experimental consumables, etc. In all fields, it represents the highest quality. While using our company's serum, you can enjoy our company's perfect after-sales service and technical support! Then what we have to say is the conditions and precautions for the preservation of serum.

1. Serum that needs long-term storage must be stored in a low-temperature refrigerator at -20 ℃-70 ℃. Do not store it in a refrigerator at 4 ℃ for more than 1 month. Because the volume of serum will increase by about 10% when it freezes, the serum is frozen Before entering the low-temperature refrigerator, a certain volume of space must be reserved, otherwise pollution or glass bottles may easily occur;

2. Heat inactivation refers to heating the completely thawed serum at 56 ° C for 30 minutes. The heating process must be shaken regularly. The purpose of this heat treatment is to inactivate the complement components in the serum. Unless necessary, it is generally not recommended This heat treatment, because heat treatment will cause a significant increase in serum precipitates, and it will also affect the quality of serum. Complement participation reactions include: cytotoxicity, smooth muscle cell contraction, mast cells and platelets release histamine, enhance phagocytosis, and promote lymphocytes Chemical chemotaxis and activation with macrophages;

3. The thawing of bottled serum requires a stepwise thawing method: -20 ℃ to -70 ℃ Serum in a low temperature refrigerator is placed in a 4 ℃ refrigerator for one day to dissolve. Then move to room temperature and wait for all dissolution before repacking. Shake gently and gently evenly (be careful not to cause bubbles) to make the temperature and ingredients uniform and reduce the occurrence of precipitation. Do not directly thaw the serum from -20 ℃ to 37 ℃, because the temperature changes too much, it is easy to cause protein aggregation precipitation;

4. The serum provided by general manufacturers is sterile, and there is no need to filter and sterilize. If the serum is found to have suspended matter, the serum can be added to the culture medium and filtered together, and do not directly filter the serum;

5. Precipitate flocs in serum: mainly caused by denaturation of lipoprotein in serum and fibrin in serum after thawing, these flocs will not affect the quality of serum itself. It can be removed by centrifugation at 3000 rpm for 5 minutes, or No treatment. "Small black spots" under the microscope: after heat-treated serum, the formation of precipitates will increase significantly. Some precipitates are observed under the microscope like "small black spots", which is often mistaken for the contaminated serum. Under normal circumstances, This small black spot will not affect cell growth, but if the quality of serum is suspected, it should be stopped immediately and replaced with another batch of serum;

6. Do not leave the serum at 37 ℃ for too long, otherwise the serum will become cloudy, and the active ingredients in the serum will break and affect the quality of the serum;

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