UK accelerates research on high-tech materials

A £ 1 million high-tech materials technology integration center was recently opened at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. Researchers hope that the new center will have an impact on climate change, transportation and even forensics.

The use and development of new materials is essential to human development. The historical "era" is also defined according to materials, such as the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age, all of which illustrate the importance of materials in the era in which humans live.

British scientists who are committed to finding materials in several important fields have always believed that the discovery and development of new materials is an important driving force for the "innovation era" and future manufacturing.

Researchers from the University of Leicester will collaborate with industry to promote innovation in materials technology. The purpose of the Materials Technology Integration Center is to provide advanced technology and expertise that can be used to solve complex engineering and scientific problems.

According to Professor Sarah Hainsworth, director of the center, the Material Technology Integration Center provides technologies that can help industry and academia collaborate to solve future material challenges.

Hainsworth said: “The purpose of the center is supported by the industry ’s urgent need to develop new materials and processes. The next generation of materials being developed will help to make more efficient aircraft and automotive engines. The new materials will Help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, improve the impact of transportation on the environment, and help society achieve the goal of minimizing the impact of climate change. "" The new center will also participate in forensic work, which has a certain impact on understanding and explaining methods of violent crime. "She Added.

Hainsworth explained that materials play an important role, such as promoting innovative methods to reduce environmental emissions and increase energy efficiency. She said: "In order to better understand the new materials, we need new analytical and experimental techniques to generate new knowledge. However, it is critical to integrate our analytical and experimental techniques so that we can better understand the materials. The process or use of materials, for example, whether it is made by casting or by chemical reaction. "

"This integration is not only very important for the new material itself, but also important in some fields. For example, in geology, new technologies can test microfossils in new ways to obtain exciting 3D microfossil structure information." "We are very Glad to create this new material technology integration center, and especially look forward to working with industry to solve future material challenges. "Hainsworth said.

Professor John Fothergill of the University of Leicester said: "The development of new materials has always been extremely important to human development. The new materials and their manufacturing methods come through advanced experiments, microscopy and specific technologies, as well as theoretical and computer modeling methods Development. "" The new material technology integration center will bring the currently available basic equipment to the research, as well as some advanced analytical instruments and professional knowledge. "He added.

Fothergill pointed out: "In addition to using the current university research to promote our further understanding of the material, the center will also ensure that we can further cooperate with the engineering community, which is beneficial to the UK."

At the same time, a collaborative research team led by Bristol University professor Michael Wisnom and Imperial College London Alexander Bismarck received a prize for the development of a new generation of high-performance polymer composites. This material can deform greatly without being damaged.

The characteristics of existing fiber-reinforced polymer composites are its high strength and high hardness, and its application range includes many fields from sports goods to aircraft, but once this material fails, it may cause disaster. Scientists from these two universities will use the money to develop a new generation of high-performance fiber-reinforced polymer composites to overcome this serious flaw.

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