The countryside has policies to support the wardrobe enterprises to "go to the countryside" for development

The urbanization construction is a policy that has been promoted by China. The narrowing of the urban-rural gap and the realization of urban-rural integration are the only way for China to achieve common prosperity. After China introduced the policy of home appliances to the countryside, the state began to pay attention to rural construction, and at the same time, China's wardrobe enterprises also turned their attention to the rural market.

National policy to support rural construction of wardrobe enterprises to "go to the countryside" for development

China's rural population is far more than the urban population. Coupled with the support of national policies for rural construction in recent years, China's farmers' income has also improved, and they have their own requirements for quality of life.

As far as China's wardrobe market is concerned, many wardrobe enterprises are still focusing on sales in big cities. They believe that the consumption level of big cities is high and the consumption of home decoration is strong. When a large number of closet companies focus on big cities, they find that fierce competition makes it difficult for companies to make a profit.

In fact, China has a vast territory and the market is far more than those big cities. It’s like that although there is a big pie in front of you, the last thing you can get under 100 people’s competition is only one percent; and if another small pie has only 10 people, the last one is likely to be Not less than one percent of the pie.

With the acceleration of the urban-rural integration process and the increase in farmers' incomes, the rural market will become a very promising cake. Appropriately increasing the development of the rural market, providing farmers with wardrobe products suitable for them may become a new way for Chinese wardrobe enterprises, and the rural market will become another "redemption" place in the wardrobe industry.

It is a good choice for wardrobe enterprises to enter secondary markets such as towns. On the one hand, it has avoided the fierce competition in the big city market, and on the other hand has opened up another development channel. The rural market has great potential, and the future opportunities for wardrobe enterprises are largely in rural areas. If it can stabilize the rural market, it will definitely make the overall development of the wardrobe enterprise even more powerful.

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