Four aspects of China's instrumentation industry that deserve attention

First, China is a developing country, and the instrumentation industry has a gap of 10 to 15 years compared with developed countries. However, in the developing countries, China is the largest and most complete and most powerful country in the instrumentation industry.

Second, China has a large demand for instrumentation and is one of the fastest growing countries. The growth rate of instrumentation in the world is 3% to 4%. China has achieved an annual growth rate of more than 20% for four consecutive years, and some products already account for one-tenth of the world's total.

The third and first phases are mainly joint ventures and technology exports. The joint venture was transformed into a holding company in the second stage around the 1990s. Now it has entered the third stage, which is dominated by wholly-owned and merged Chinese outstanding companies.

Fourth, some middle- and low-end products already have scale advantages and international market competitiveness. For example, ordinary digital multimeters and other products account for a large amount of production in the world, and the production capacity of household electric meters accounts for 50% of the world. At present, China has become a power meter, microscope, telescope, thermometer, pressure gauge, water meter, gas meter, and optics. The export of high-end products, such as the production and export of components and other products, as well as container inspection equipment, has also begun to make breakthroughs. The above is a report on “Four Points Worth to Watch in the Chinese Instrumentation Industry”.

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