Precaution when ordering cement sleepers

The cement sleepers are divided into U-ring cement sleepers, bolt-pressed cement sleepers, and spring-fixed cement sleepers according to the installation method. The installation method is different and the dimensions are slightly different. Forget the majority of customers choose according to their actual situation. purchase.

U-shaped ring cement sleepers are simple to install. There are four U-shaped rings protruding from the upper part of the concrete sleepers. The U-shaped ring is embedded in the cement sleepers and the roots are welded to the steel bars in the interior of the concrete. The rubber pad is placed on the pad, and the rail is placed between two U-shaped rings. The U-shaped ring is used to press the steel rail to fix the rail. The U-shaped ring cement sleepers are easy to install, and only U need to be used again. Straight ring can be straight, loved by the majority of customers.

The bolted plate type cement sleepers are bolted to fix the concrete sleepers. We reserve 4 holes on the sleepers. When installing, we only need to pass the T-bolts through the bottom of the sleepers. Put on the pressure plate and fix the pressure plate with nuts. This will fix the rails and explain why the T-bolts are used. When the bolts are tightened with ordinary bolts, the rod body rotates with it. The T-bolts do not have this type of situation, thus making the sleeper More secure when fixing rails.

Chenzhou TEDA manufactures and supplies various types of cement sleepers. The customer needs to provide the specifications of the rails when ordering, what is the gauge, and what kind of installation method is it.

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