Solid wood heat exceeded expectations Red Star Macalline Luban Cultural Festival successfully concluded

实木热度超预期 红星美凯龙鲁班文化节圆满收官

(From left) Moderator Yi Yi, host Wang Han, Red Star Mei Kailong Chairman Che Jianxin, media person Liang Hongda, well-known scholar Qian Wenzhong sat on Luban

实木热度超预期 红星美凯龙鲁班文化节圆满收官
Red Star Macalline Luban Festival "Luban颂"

实木热度超预期 红星美凯龙鲁班文化节圆满收官

Chongqing Red Star Meikailong Luban Festival event popularity
实木热度超预期 红星美凯龙鲁班文化节圆满收官
Chongqing Red Star Meikailong Luban Festival Shopping Center Exhibition Area

With the arrival of the three days, all parts of the country entered the most "hot" period of the year, and recently the "Luban Cultural Festival" launched by Red Star Macalline to commemorate the work of Luban was equally hot. The activity ignited a "wood culture" whirlwind nationwide. During the two days of July 20 and 21, the total sales of merchants nationwide exceeded 1 billion. Among them, solid wood household products were popular and sales accounted for more than 30%.

Crazy "wood"

On the first day of the event on July 20th, many solid wood furniture enthusiasts flocked to the National Red Star Macalline store, many of which were prepared. Many consumers in Shanghai Zhenbei Shopping Mall entered the store and asked for a shopping guide. Then, according to the map, go to the solid wood furniture brand shop that I paid attention to before. At noon, there will be no signs of leisure at the checkout counter, cash back, and gift-changing places. Many consumers are not willing to wait in line, when other consumers eat. "Faulty peak" action. In addition, many malls reflected that the wood exhibition was very popular, and consumers' enthusiasm for “wood culture” far exceeded expectations.

Throughout the country, the overall sales performance of shopping malls has three significant changes: First, the traffic volume of first- and second-tier cities has increased significantly. Due to the influence of Luban Festival, consumers are paying more and more attention to the safety of solid wood crafts and products. Second, the third and fourth lines The city was greatly affected by the promotion, and the sales of soft-packed products increased significantly. Third, the sales of solid wood products in the entire Luban Festival accounted for more than 30%.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Red Star Macalline believes that consumers in first- and second-tier cities have stronger spending power and more mature consumer concepts. They favor solid wood homes and are willing to pay for personalized taste and natural environmental protection, while third- and fourth-tier cities Consumers are paying more and more attention to the overall family atmosphere, especially younger groups. The Luban Festival, initiated by Red Star Macalline to commemorate the work of God, provides a platform for consumers to get close to the history and culture of solid wood homes.

Cultural marketing works

“The solid wood furniture has been welcomed and popular, and it has become a significant market phenomenon. Although the industry association has not carried out systematic statistics, we can really feel that in recent years, solid wood furniture manufacturers, sellers and consumers have been Increasingly," said Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association.

“Now every day I see the city’s reinforced concrete. People are especially prone to irritability. When they come home at night on a wooden sofa, they have the feeling of returning to nature. The whole person relaxes.” Mr. Shao, a private enterprise owner in Guangzhou, just The opportunity of the Luban Festival changed the furniture in the bedroom.

A person in charge of Red Star Meikailong said that the hot sale of solid wood furniture, in addition to environmental protection and quality factors, is closely related to the “wood culture” that has been circulating in China for more than 2,000 years. The wooden household products have been in the family life of Chinese consumers since ancient times. Indispensable, the Luban Festival's fiery heat shows the "wooden culture" complex in Chinese life.

The industry believes that, unlike the cultural festivals in which pure cultural communication or promotion in the name of cultural communication is carried out, Red Star Macalline explains the craftsmanship of the carpenter and the exhibition of wood to increase the relevant knowledge and experience for consumers. "Wood culture", at the same time through a large joint promotion, so that consumers have the willingness to consume, this cultural marketing model that combines the "wood culture" communication and solid wood home promotion is worth learning.

Activity scene"

Chongqing Red Star, Meikailong, North and South Shopping Mall, Luban Festival, popular

Last weekend, the Red Star Macalline Luban Cultural Festival set off a whirlwind of “wood culture” in more than 100 shopping malls across the country, and the two brands of Hongxing Meikailong, the most influential brand in Chongqing, attracted more. Ten thousand consumers participated in the event. On July 20th and 21st, the mall was popular. The customers who queued to pay at the checkout counter continued from morning until 10:00, and hundreds of solid wood brands participated in the event, creating another new high in the sales of solid wood products!

Under the background of the activities of the Luban Cultural Festival, the “big-name chopping big-name 100-million-people group purchase meeting” Chongqing station activities also landed in the Jiangbei shopping mall, and the three stars of Huashao, Chen Li and Qi Ge hosted the on-site bargaining. The big brands have joined forces, and nearly 10,000 consumers have actively participated in the event, and the shopping enthusiasm has never been higher. At the same time, in the Luban Cultural Festival activity area of ​​the shopping mall, there are also a lot of customers involved in the experience, including “Experience this wood” and “This wood you don’t know.” The two event exhibition areas are the most popular, many designs. The unique solid wood products have been well received by consumers, and they have also set off a wave of buying solid wood home brands.

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