The "HionBeam Heavy Ion Accelerator" developed by the Institute of Near Objects of Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the provincial appraisal

The "HionBeam Heavy Ion Accelerator" developed by the Institute of Near Objects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the provincial identification. The "HionBeam Heavy Ion Accelerator" developed by the Institute of Modern Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences passed the provincial new product identification. Gansu Provincial Industrial Informatization Committee organized 7 experts from the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and other units to form an expert group. He listened to the research report of the director of the Institute of Near Things, Xiao Guoqing, consulted relevant materials, and conducted serious inquiries and discussions. The expert group believes that the overall performance index of HionBeam heavy ion accelerator has reached the international advanced level, the market competitive advantage is obvious, the application prospect is broad, and it agrees to pass the provincial new product identification. The expert group unanimously believes that this product uses large-scale high-precision punching electromagnets, high-power digital pulse power supplies, large ultra-high vacuum systems, efficient stripping injection methods, variable harmonic wide energy zone synchronous acceleration, ultra-long period slow extraction, point scanning A number of original technologies, such as advanced technology, can be used in tumor treatment, irradiation breeding, nuclear pore membrane and other fields. The product has high cost performance, distinctive features, independent intellectual property rights, and good economic and social benefits. Relevant leaders of Gansu Provincial Industry and Information Commission attended the appraisal meeting.

Keeping small animals in the house as pets have been growing for the past decade, with smaller space for people to live in, one would choose over a smaller size animal to care for. Having a little pet friend is always good for the kids to grow up with, giving them a chance to love their pets, be responsible for them and learn how to focus on something that is important in life.


As a Small Animal Accessories provider, we have many products such as small animal cages, Small Animal Water Bottles, small animal grooming products, brush, comb, small animal toys, etc.

Small Animal Accessories

To offer the small animals a comfortable place to live in, the most important product will be either be a wired cage or transparent plastic cage that you can keep them away from dangerous pests or bigger size pets at home.


Making sure these small animals have their daily food and water supply, we have provided many different designs and sizes of small animal water bottles and bowls, so they can enjoy their food and water all day long.

 Cute Small Animal Accessories

Liked every other pets, we have designed grooming products especially for the small animals, such as brush and combs to suit their small size. So small animal pet lovers can keep their pets tidy and pretty all the time.


Lastly, small animals will need their toys to keep them companied and occupied. We have products such as running wheels and balls and their favorite chewing toys.

 Cute Small Animal Accessories

Order Quantity:

One of our advantages in supplying you our Small Animal Accessories is that we have been in the business for almost four decades. We have a massive range of quality products. Our advantage is that we can supply a very large variety of products to you in smaller volumes than you may be required to purchase elsewhere.

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OEM Service:

Many of our customers have great ideas for Small Animal Accessories. If you have an idea, we are happy to discuss details with you, including volumes, costs and OEM etc. We can also help with developing products.

Small Animal Accessories

Small Animal Accessories,Cute Small Animal Accessories