Lazy sister's mini attic smart layout transforms into a large and spacious space

The interesting loft is really a good girl's heart. If the lighting is well ventilated, I can't wait for the daily living in this small mini attic. This kind of surrounding hug-like living experience gives us a lot of security. . And almost within the reach of the hand, you can get the cup, get the book, and roll from the bed to the chair, this is what the lazy sisters of the house are most looking forward to! Next, Xiaobian recommended a few tricks, and the mini attic can also use spacious feelings!

1, narrow furniture can be used to close the wall space


The small furniture such as cabinets and chairs are scattered and arranged, and the space for the stove and the aisle is guaranteed. The wallpaper of the flower elements makes the whole space brighter!

2, use color to distinguish space, small attic level


In the small area of ​​the attic, it is necessary to make a lot of thoughts on the use of such a dense space. The loft was changed to a kitchen, dining room and living room. The clear view of the red and white checkerboards was used to open the field of view. The space was divided by a small high platform and a small handrail. The left side is the dining table area and the right side is the kitchen operating area. There are also several storage cabinets on the inside of the platform. The lower part of the high platform is a living room sitting area, but the sparrows are small and complete!

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