Suitable for beginner gym exercise

Monday, training site: middle chest muscle, triceps.

Barbell flat push 3×10RM

Dumbbell Flying Bird 3×10

Rally clamp chest 3×10

Butterfly clip chest 3×10

Heavy hammer press 3×10

Dumbbells Bending Arms Flexing 3x10

Wednesday, training site: latissimus dorsi, biceps.

Hammer sitting down 3×10

Seated boating 3×10

Standing dumbbells leaning over a rowing boat 3x10

Standing posture barbell curl 3×10

Sitting Dumbbell Curved 3×10

Friday, training site: deltoid, abdominal muscles.

Barbell sitting recommended 3x10

Dumbbell front flat 3x10

Dumbbell side lift 3×10

Dumbbells lean over side to lift 3x10

Sit-ups 1x25

Goats forward 1x25

Saturday, training site: legs.

Deep 3×10

Leg lift 3×10

Sitting leg flexion and extension 3×10

Prone leg curl 3×10

Mentioning 3×10

The above actions are all "RM" weights, and the number of groups can be exchanged between 1 and 2 groups, depending on the actual situation. Suitable for the first two weeks of training, under normal circumstances, after two weeks of training, there will be no soreness as in the first training, but after each training there will be soreness, and the time is within two days after each training. 30 to 60 minutes after training, eat 1 to 2 eggs, 1 50 to 100K bread, drink 100 to 200 ml of Milk or Water. Actions that cannot be completed independently can be accomplished with the assistance of a peer.

When you exercise for 3 to 4 weeks, you begin training to 12RM for each group. The second month training intensity increased to 4 groups with 12RM in each group. The third month began to increase the individual movements, the intensity of the appropriate adjustments, you can increase the weight, if necessary, you can use pyramid training, a greater limit to stimulate the muscles. This program is suitable for beginners' training and requires a more comprehensive intermediate training program.

Muscle builders should note that the muscle recovery period is 48 to 72 hours. Therefore, it is not effective to continue to exercise the same muscle before the muscles are fully recovered. On the contrary, the exercise effect will be affected. Generally speaking, in the case of large-muscle exercise, there is participation of small muscles. In this case, it is best to exercise the muscles that participate in the exercise on the same day. The number of groups, the number of times required, 3 to 4 groups of large muscles, 6 to 10RM, 3 to 4 movements, 2 to 3 groups of small muscles, 8 to 12RM, 2 to 3 movements. Big muscles include: pectoral muscles, latissimus dorsi, abdominal muscles, and legs. In the early stages of training, it is necessary to reduce the weight and increase the number.

"RM" is an abbreviation for "repetition maximum" in English, and Chinese is "maximum duplicate value". Such as "6 ~ 12RM" is expressed "up to 6 to 12 times the weight can be repeated." For example, the training plan is as follows: Dumbbell single-arm curls 3 to 4 groups, 6 to 8 RM. The explanation is: using a 10 kg dumbbell for one-arm curl exercise, make every effort to make a maximum of only 6 to 8 consecutive bends. This group of three consecutive weights and times. Each group of normal training interval can rest 60 to 90 seconds, this 10 kg is the weight of the action 6 ~ 8RM, if the purpose of reducing fat for fitness, such actions to reduce weight, so that the number can reach 20 ~ 30RM. In the training plan, it is generally expressed in this way that the weight of the load varies from person to person.

Load strength is a very important training factor in bodybuilding. It increases the absolute muscle strength and physical strength from 1 to 4 times, increases the muscle circumference mainly from 6 to 12 times, develops small muscle groups mainly from 16 to 20 times, and improves muscle line elasticity. , More than 25 times is mainly used to reduce fat, enhance heart and lung function, fitness shaping and so on.

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