In 2010, multi-touch technology of interactive electronic whiteboard became a hot spot

As a basic teaching platform for education informatization, the role of electronic whiteboards is increasingly important, whether it is from the growing demand for interactive electronic whiteboard teaching applications from the majority of primary and secondary schools, or from the large-scale bidding for interactive electronic whiteboards by educational authorities around the world Look, we can clearly feel that the popularization of interactive whiteboard began to arrive in 2010, and the normal classroom teaching gradually formed the development trend of interactive whiteboard as the core teaching. At the same time, various technologies and new value-added applications around interactive electronic whiteboards are gradually enriched.

Multi-touch-hot push technology

Since Microsoft launched the Windows 7 operating system, multi-touch has become a feature that people are very concerned about. The application of APPLE's iPhone and other hot-spot products has once again prompted touch technology to become the most popular technological change in the field of display and human-computer interaction. To some extent, it can be called a "fingertip revolution". Touch technology A series of industries triggered will gain huge market development opportunities.

The biggest flaw of the intelligent interactive electronic whiteboard completely replacing traditional education is that its writing is limited to only one person. This is a clear contrast to the traditional blackboard mode where teachers and students, or between multiple students can write at the same time. For electronic whiteboard products that can only be written by one person, if the classroom requires students to make a blackboard presentation, then it will inevitably require a longer waiting time in the classroom, and students will line up to write blackboards one by one. This is obviously not conducive to customer needs to improve classroom efficiency.

After adopting advanced intelligent multi-touch technology, electronic whiteboard products can recognize more touch points and the relationship between these touch points at the same time, which provides a technical basis for multiple people to write on the blackboard at the same time.

Although the application of multi-touch technology electronic whiteboards in teaching is still in its infancy, industry insiders have pointed out that it is based on the relatively mature multi-touch technology in other industries, and the education market has entered the era of multi-point electronic whiteboards. There are no "technical" difficulties.

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