Analysis of the difference between Matsuda alcohol-free and traditional fountain solution

1. Flammability: Your printing workshop will become safer, because traditional fountain solution must be used with alcohol, but isopropyl alcohol is flammable, it only has a burning point of 12 ℃, and our latest fs850 alcohol-free dampening The liquid does not even ignite at all!

2. Disinfection: In order to prevent the growth of algae, fungi and bacteria, all fountain solutions of Furi Company contain biocides, which make up for the defect that the traditional ordinary fountain solution itself cannot be sterilized.

3. Toxicity: Isopropyl alcohol is highly toxic. The law limits the content of isopropyl alcohol to 400ppm, which is easily achieved in general printing shops. The ingredients in the formulation of Matsuda fs850 fountain solution can guarantee the lowest health risks when used according to the instructions. Furi strictly follows the regulations and policies of osha, niosh and other institutions when selecting product ingredients.

4. Conductivity: When printing, you need reliable and consistent conductivity. Because alcohol evaporates, it must be added continuously, but this will change the percentage of your fountain solution. The more alcohol added, the lower the conductivity, and it will only increase when the alcohol is depleted. Because alcohol is volatilized and added continuously, the range of conductivity can easily exceed 500μ / mhos. On the contrary, Furi FS850 alcohol-free fountain solution has very little effect on the conductivity, and its value decreases by no more than 100μ / mhos in the test you use the supplied Water. Before removing alcohol, the new conductivity may be higher than normal, but it will remain unchanged and easy to maintain. Because alcohol is an "auxiliary" component of operation, the content of gum, fountain solution or plate protector added in earlier fountain solution and buffer capacity are lower. When the amount of alcohol is low, it will eventually lead to low conductivity. After removing the alcohol, these old fountain solutions can no longer work. The rich fountain solution of Furi Company is different. They are designed to operate without alcohol because of the high content of these key ingredients. They are used in higher dosage levels and have higher electrical conductivity during operation. Don't be surprised by the higher conductivity! This is the result of using special ingredients that ensure a longer plate life and extend the life of the water tank, which is beneficial to you and your printing press.

5. Evaporation: Alcohol is more expensive, because he needs to be replenished continuously, especially when the amount of addition is high, 40% of the alcohol used in general printing workshops will directly evaporate in the air, ie 40% of the alcohol is basically wasted. Furi fs850 alcohol-free fountain solution is considered to be non-volatile and does not require frequent replenishment. We take advantage of this by raising the temperature of the circulating water tank to 12 ° C. The fountain tank temperature is 2 ° C to 3 ° C higher, close to the temperature in the ink tank. This avoids the "shock effect" when mixing warm ink with very cold fountain solution, and can help reduce the foaming problem to a minimum.

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