Evaluation: Original wood aroma Jiaxi wooden barrel

Jiaxi wooden barrel fashion 7

The various products in the Xi'an barrel and the red star Meikailong store are scattered and have their own place. If there is a scent of raw wood, it gives a desire to keep on searching. In this natural, native, fresh environment, every cell in the body feels happy. Xiaobian’s products, which are intended to be evaluated, are quietly waiting in the position of a glass window, which is very low-key and gorgeous.

Jiaxi wooden barrel Bathroom cabinet M-C series

Green environmental awareness has become more and more popular, and everyone realizes that health is a valuable asset. So what kind of uniqueness does Jiaxi wooden barrel do in terms of environmental protection? Xiaobian will comprehensively evaluate the raw materials, production process and product use process:

First of all, the raw materials of Jiaxi wooden barrels are made of alpine cypress grown in the deep hills of northwestern Sichuan. The growth period of this alpine cypress must be more than 80 years before it can become a qualified raw material. The qualified alpine cypress has a very firm material. It not only has a natural fragrance, but also has anti-corrosion function;

Secondly, in the production process, the preservatives of Jiaxi wooden barrels are made of environmentally friendly polymer products, and its standards are even higher than the new national standards;

Thirdly, in the course of use, the Jiaxi wooden barrel is made of wood, which does not have static electricity itself, and its surface is treated with exclusive anti-corrosion and antibacterial treatment. It has the characteristics of no dust, no scale, anti-corrosion, antibacterial and easy to clean.

Jiaxi wooden barrel

This Jiaxi wooden barrel fashion type 7 has two smooth handrails on the inner wall. On the one hand, it makes the hands bathe in the bath, which is very comfortable and comfortable. On the other hand, when the bath is finished, you can also use it. The role. The design of this small detail tends to be human.

The inner wall of the Jiaxi wooden barrel is gentle and smooth, unlike the ceramic bathroom. It has a cool feeling in the ceramic bathroom. In the visual sense, the Jiaxi wooden barrel has a clear texture and colorful color, which gives people a beautiful enjoyment; its shape line is smooth, giving People have a feeling of being relaxed and happy. From a psychological point of view, Jiaxi wooden barrels can provide a very pleasant sensory experience.

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