Under the pressure of cost, mahogany furniture companies are looking forward to rising

Since the beginning of this year, all kinds of mahogany furniture materials have been raised in price, when will the new round of finished product price surges come? What impact will the vision of new consumer groups have on the trend of mahogany furniture?

Recently, "Beijing Evening News" held the "Redwood Furniture New Trends" theme forum. Many well-known mahogany furniture manufacturers and mahogany professional stores and appraisal experts discussed in depth the market conditions, purchasing strategies, and popular styles in recent years. In this way, the reader is led into the new world of mahogany furniture.

When the price of raw materials continues to rise and the cost pressure is too high, the price increase has almost become the only choice for mahogany furniture companies.

At present, all manufacturers have indicated that the price of finished products is still in a small upward stage. "Next year's "May 1" may usher in a big rise." Many companies said that the scarcity of raw materials and import difficulties have made price increases inevitable.

Mahogany furniture companies look forward to rising

The market situation this year is basically stable. It is expected that the overall situation of this year will be improved next year and the following year. Most of the CEOs of the Redwood enterprises interviewed have such views.

Yang Yan, general manager of Huanglin Furniture, said that after the spring of this year, the price of raw materials has been rising, while the rise in furniture prices has lagged behind the price of raw materials for half a year to one year. "Our furniture prices have been raised by 15% this year. Compared with raw materials, it is still far from enough. If we want to keep up with the price of raw materials this year, it is estimated that it will be "May 1" next year.

Many mahogany home furnishing companies believe that the rise in raw materials in general is good for the development of the industry. "If the price of mahogany furniture does not rise, the manufacturers can't survive." Wu Xinjian, chairman of Jinfei Redwood Furniture Factory, sees the "price increase" as very important.

It is understood that the price per ton of red rosewood raw materials has increased by 80% since the beginning of the year, and the market is expected to rise by about 50% at the beginning of next year.

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