Experts teach you to sleep well and feel the skin fate

Sufficient sleep = beauty medicine

When the big star was asked what maintenance secrets were there, more than 80% answered “sleep more”. Is this standard answer true? The skin expert's answer is YES. Because night is the best time for skin metabolism, the skin blood vessels are completely open and the blood can reach the skin. Under the supply of blood, the skin can repair and regenerate itself, which can prevent and delay the aging of the skin. Therefore, it is never an excuse to say that sleeping is the best beauty medicine!

Lack of youthful skin

Dry skin and water, pigmentation, pigmentation, acne, and rough skin are all related to lack of sleep. Frequent staying up late will affect the skin's own water-locking function, self-repair and regenerative capacity, and the metabolism will also slow down, leading to the accumulation of toxins and accelerate skin aging. In addition, a study in the United States also showed that lack of sleep will directly affect endocrine, female hormones are insufficiently secreted, and the skin naturally looks ten years old.

Sleep less and let the body go

Best-selling Beauty Sleep author Breus also tells us that when women's sleep is reduced, the body's "indulgence" hormones will increase rapidly, and it is the culprit for eating more (especially for chocolate, sweet biscuits and candy). Conversely, during deep sleep, the brain secretly secretes a large amount of growth hormone, which directs the body to convert fat into energy, preventing fat from accumulating on the hips, thighs, and stomach. This is why many people try to lose weight by losing energy to lose weight and ultimately fail.

Pre-sleeping maintenance formula, custom personality beauty sense Whether it is moisturizing, whitening or anti-aging for the skin care focus, full bedtime maintenance can make you get twice the result with half the effort.

Anti-pigmentation + melatonin = whitening

Evening whitening treatment: The amount of melanin produced by the skin at night is twice that of the day. If it is exposed to ultraviolet light during the day and there is no intensive care at night, there will be a large amount of melanin production at night. In addition, many whitening ingredients such as acid, A acid, etc. will be affected by ultraviolet rays during the day. Therefore, if you want to achieve a more thorough and thorough whitening, you must not ignore the skin care time before going to bed, so that the whitening essence penetrates the bottom of the cell at night and attacks melanin.

Taking melatonin: Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the “pine pine gland” in the brain. When melatonin begins to secrete, it causes us to want to sleep, so it is a legal sleep aid that can be purchased in the pharmacy. . The key point is that melatonin also has a strong antioxidant power, which not only makes us want to sleep, but also removes a lot of free radicals and accelerates whitening! PLUS: If you have dark circles, a simple moisturizing eye cream may not work. It is recommended to use eye cream containing high-efficiency anti-oxidation and circulation-enhancing effects before going to bed to promote microvascular circulation, relieve eye fatigue and dilute dark circles.

Anti-aging repair ingredients + bedtime massage = anti-aging

Anti-aging night cream is indispensable: want to hide wrinkles, expression lines, slack and other traces of age during sleep time, including anti-aging night cream for repairing and supplementing energy components, such as vitamin A, collagen and peptide anti-aging products, can Repair damaged fibers and promote collagen regeneration. At the same time, use thick and luxurious texture to effectively reduce the loss of skin moisture at night. With suitable massage, it can accelerate metabolic detoxification and make your anti-aging beauty feel the highest value. Anti-aging oil massage: 1 drop of rose essential oil, 1 drop of laurel oil, 10ML of rose seed oil, blend together, apply to the chin, cheeks, nose, forehead, massage from inside to outside, promote skin microcirculation and enhance skin elasticity To achieve firmness, protection and prevent aging.

PLUS: You can add some anti-aging drinks such as vitamin C or collagen before going to bed to help you achieve the best results at night.

Water and Oil Balance Moisturizer + Good Night Mask = Hydrating

Creams that regulate oil-water balance: Although moisturizing during the day and night is important, as the pores of the skin are expanding in the evening, the loss of water is more than during the day, so if you want to moisturize at all times, be sure to moisturize before going to bed. jobs. It is recommended to use a moisturizing product that combines oil and moisture to promote water and oil balance, so that the skin after morning is fresh and delicate.

Good night mask: When ordinary moisturizing milk can't completely relieve dryness, apply a moisturizing mask before going to bed to quickly and effectively. Of course, you can apply a sleeping mask that doesn't need to be washed all night. Even the refreshing moisturizing gel (gel) is also a magical hydrating method at night. Apply a thick massage on your face and moisten it all night. PLUS: Spicy food should be eliminated from dinner to prevent excessive evaporation of water from the skin. Alcoholic beverages can make the skin's nutrient absorption capacity greatly reduced, so try to avoid it at night.

Especially served! 5 sense experience, help you sleep well!

It is not the beginning of sleep that is not lying on the bed. If you are still watching the computer and TV 1 hour before going to bed, then your nerves will not be able to get slack. It is inevitable that you can only count sheep when you can't sleep. Create a soothing and elegant atmosphere of sleep, from the senses together to gently hypnotize, naturally easier to fall asleep.

Taste - light snacks

It is hard to fall asleep on an empty stomach. You can eat the natural amino acid GABA food extracted from fruits and vegetables 1-2 hours before bedtime. After eating, it can stimulate the brain to release α wave, stabilize nerves and help sleep.

Smell - fragrance relaxes the soul

Scent a candle in the room. Flavors such as lavender and orange blossom can promote the production of endorphins in the brain, making it easy for people to enter deep sleep. Deep breathing with fragrance. Gas collection Dantian, do 4:7:8 breathing - first exhale, then inhale, then count 4, close the gas 7 times, then exhale with the mouth, silent 8 times, calm, help you stay stable all night good sleep.

Hearing & Vision - Moderate Programs are Preferred

Moderate, gentle rhythm is the key to bedtime entertainment. The news program is best limited to 30 minutes, and don't sleep immediately after reading. Blues, jazz and film background music help to promote sleep.

Tactile - try naked sleep

Naked sleep is very sexy, and more importantly, you will sleep more and more comfortable. Without the isolation of clothes, it can promote the acceleration of metabolism, and facilitate the excretion and regeneration of sebum.

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