4 big eyeliner basic skills are simple and easy to learn

Winter MM are not going to bed every day? If you want to draw a natural and top- notch eyeliner , as long as you master the foundation of the eyeliner , it is not easy to sketch out. It has many standards and basic skills . Now let's learn the most important steps in eyeliner skills.

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Step1: the best angle of the eyeliner

To understand the difference between eyeliner pencils, replaceable eyeliner and eyeliner, and eyeliner! Adjusting the angle of the eyeliner is the key to how to draw a precise and beautiful eyeliner. Because different types of eyeliner products have different angles of use, it is important to remember!

Eyeliner pencil

Start at the end of the eye and draw about 1cm in the direction of the eye. The pen should be perpendicular to the root of the eyelid.

Replace the refill type eyeliner

The pen tilts in the direction of the illustration to fill the rest of the eye, which is the secret to draw the eyeliner deep into the eye.


Draw from the end of the eye to the center of the eye. If the pen is tilted in the direction of the figure, it is easier to draw.


The same is true when the eye is drawn toward the center, and the tip of the pen is tilted toward the end of the eye to prevent the eyeliner from being drawn too thick.

Step2: Avoid paying attention to the eyeliner that should be noticeable

The eyeliner does not fit snugly against the root of the eyelashes. A closed eyelet sees a striking void. This is an important reason for the sensation, so it is important to draw the inner eyeliner and the root of the eyelashes.

Need to pay attention 1 must draw the inner eyeliner

Need to pay attention 2 fill the root of the eyelashes

Q4: Now is the time to correct the eyeliner movement. Where do you start painting? How to draw at the end of the eye?

A: I have to start painting! But where do you start? The best point to judge is the growth of the eyelashes.

Open the eyelids and see the roots of the eyelashes at the end of the eye. Open the eyelids and check the position of the eyelashes at the end of the eye, where is the BEST POSITION of the starting point of the eyeliner!

I want to draw my eyes as much as possible! What is the longest limit on the upper eyeliner?

Draw into the depression of the bone around the eye.

Different eye-tail paintings have the magic to change your eyes!

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