The property market new policy changes the home consumer group furniture retail marketing upgrade

Last year, Guangzhou's home furnishing market rebounded strongly, and both supply and sales were booming. This year, under the pressure of the new real estate policy, the Guangzhou home market may face a big test. Some insiders believe that the purchase of housing is limited, but the supply of home building materials industry continues to increase, the misalignment of the upstream industry and downstream industries, the situation of more and more porridge, will inevitably lead to the intensification of marketing competition in the home building materials industry and the reshuffle of the industry. However, the person in charge of multiple brand home stores in Guangzhou said that the tightening of the property market does not mean that the demand for household consumption is shrinking. They are optimistic about the market prospects this year.


The new policy of the property market has transformed the household consumption group

At the end of January, with the tough introduction of the third round of real estate regulation and control, the “New Country Eight Articles”, the second-hand residential market was a wait-and-see mood, and the downstream home market was deeply shaken. As early as the end of last year, some people predicted that there will be new regulatory policies this year. This strict new policy will basically kill speculative groups, and rigid demand is not affected. Therefore, the industry is not worried about the New Year market.

Guo Shuang, secretary general of the Guangdong Decorative Industry Association, said that the home and home improvement industry can be said to be a service industry, and consumer demand will not disappear due to the adjustment of the property market. At present, the situation in the residential market in Guangzhou is that the number of high-end consumers who purchase high-end commercial housing is decreasing. However, the younger groups that need to purchase the first commercial housing are continuing to increase. More and more middle-income people are pouring into the property market and will be giving home. The market brings long-term support like water. At this time, all the home furnishing companies need to do is to adjust the brand sales strategy, segment the market audience, and launch home service packages suitable for different categories of consumers.

Analysts also pointed out that the state suppresses only speculators, but also the "speculative" demand, but the impact on rigid buyers and home improvement consumption is very small. "The introduction of the new real estate policy, the impact on the Guangzhou home furnishing industry, will be revealed in the second half of the year." Li Jiacong, general manager of Shangpin Home Furnishings, told reporters: "The rigid demand for real estate in Guangzhou has not been completely released, but the house is not renovated. Investment demand still accounts for more than 20% of the share."


Furniture retail marketing war will be upgraded

In the face of the new market environment, Guangzhou's home shopping malls still show enthusiasm. The reporter learned that the first day of the first month of the first month, Jisheng Weibang Panyuzhou two stores, Jinhaima home Guangzhou four stores, Hongshuwan three stores and other home stores are open at 9 am to welcome guests, all home brand businesses have also signed with the boss It is the initiative to attract customers to show the importance of opening the market and the confidence in the New Year. It is understood that the Jinhai Mapanyu Wuzhou City store opened on the same day, the hundreds of self-driving consumers from Tianhe, Haizhu and other places, buyers are adding new furniture to the New Year holiday, in order to catch up before the rainy season The decoration is settled.

In the furniture retail market, some brand furniture dealers represented by panel furniture expressed some concern. With the continued appreciation of the renminbi, more and more export-oriented enterprises will increase their market competition. According to the analysis of economist Lang Xianping, if the renminbi appreciates by 3%, the profit margin of the traditional intensive enterprises along the coast will drop to zero. If the appreciation is more than 5%, there will be a large number of traditional intensive enterprises including furniture enterprises. Therefore, continuing the trend in 2010, more and more Dongguan and Shunde furniture enterprises will turn to domestic sales to open up the domestic market this year, and the external pressure of Guangzhou furniture retail industry will increase significantly.

In addition to the transformation pressure from the first-line production enterprises, landing in the Guangzhou home retail market, the expansion of the store will also lead to the upgrade of marketing and promotion. On the one hand, the expansion rate of Guangzhou's home retail stores last year was remarkable. The large-scale home stores such as Mahui Home, Good Luck Home, Red Star, Meikailong and Wuzhou City were opened, and the capacity of the Spike Home Mall increased by millions of square meters. There will be an increase of around 300,000 square meters this year. Lu Qifeng, director of home sales of Jinhaima, believes that the only situation in which the imbalance between supply and demand in the market will bring is that the marketing war will continue to be upgraded, the form of promotion will be more diversified, the price of furniture will be more cost-oriented, and consumers will get more benefits. Under the temptation of huge benefits, it will inevitably induce consumption power that is already dispensable to stimulate furniture consumption, thus forming a virtuous circle.

Decorative building materials enterprises actively strengthen services

Compared with the faster-changing furniture and accessories, the decorative building materials as durable goods are under greater pressure. In this regard, Zheng Haoran, deputy general manager of the home building materials supermarket, said that after ten years of tempering, the home will have more action in 2011: facing more brutal market competition, not only will 4 to 6 new stores be opened in 2011. Further enrich and refine the products of the 12 categories, increase investment in decoration, focus on launching 688 packages, and focus on strengthening marketing and service. We will send customers a promotional SMS every month and buy it every week. The customer calls to follow up on the after-sales situation to enhance the reputation and loyalty of the home brand.

As the ceramic sanitary ware industry that is the first in the decoration building materials, Zheng Xuechong, the general manager of Dongpeng Ceramics Guangzhou Branch, said that under the shuffling caused by the drastic changes in the market, ceramic tile consumption will be quickly concentrated in the first-line brands. With the strengthening of engineering channels and the consolidation of designer channels last year, the turnover of Dongpeng Guangzhou will sprint 200 million yuan this year.

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