Keep your smile and make your skin clear

Girls should always smile, it can not only give people a sense of intimacy, but also make the skin white and clear. Remove the killer that kills the skin.

Keep charming smile

Whitening detox dry brush body

The benefits of dry brushing the body are numerous. On the one hand, it can remove the horniness of the old skin of the body. The old horny is the enemy that blocks the skin from being hydrated and white. On the other hand, it can promote blood circulation and metabolism, help the elimination of waste toxins in the body, and fundamentally improve the condition of the skin.

Tips: Before taking a bath every day, use a soft body brush to brush up from the front and back of the calf, then the thigh, abdomen, dry brush, brush from the neck down to the chest, from the hips to the back, from Brush your fingers up to the shoulders and under your arm.

Mind detoxification warm energy

If you want to cry, cry, long-term depression of tears can cause cancer. When discouragement, depression, and sorrow strike, go outside and infiltrate the sun until the heart is full of warmth and the blood is reactivated. Use Ma Qiaolian or Frankincense essential oil for indoor incense or drip on paper towels to smell, it can also give people a warm soothing.

The power of detoxification

Bathing is one of the best ways to relieve stress and moisturize your body and mind. In the warm water without gravity, the muscles relax, the blood circulates, the pores relax, and the toxins are invisible. The coating of water also gives people a warm feeling of being “protected and cared for”. In addition, the water can relieve pressure, the greater the pressure, the more pure water to drink, to keep the blood flowing smoothly, and to wash away the toxins accumulated in the accumulation. 1200-1500c.c. daily is a healthy amount of water.

Tips: Add 5-6 drops of juniper essential oil, or 3 drops of juniper and 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil to the water before entering the bathtub.

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