Beauty and beauty "four flavor soup"

Drinking Siwutang can be used for menstruation. It can not only help the body to promote blood circulation, eliminate blood clots, but also reduce the pain during menstruation, improve anemia, and make hands and feet not easy to be cold.

Siwutang is still a beauty product, because it helps smooth blood, so often drink Siwutang can make your face ruddy, smoother skin, look young and young!

In addition to Siwutang, many girls who are good at maintenance will also drink Bazhentang. In fact, Bazhen Tang is a four-object plus four gentlemen (Dangshen, scorpion, Atractylodes, and licorice), which is also a recipe for nourishing blood and qi, and after the menstruation.

â—†Siwutang should drink like this

The quickest way to replenish blood is to drink Siwutang every day from the end of the menstrual period and drink for 3 days.

Now, there are also four-material soups that are convenient for brewing on the market, but the feeling of going to the Chinese medicine shop to take medicine and then using a small casserole to cook the soup is irreplaceable! In fact, stewing Siwutang is really simple. The medicines used can be bought in general pharmacies. You may wish to try it yourself.

The four-cook soup of the basic cooking method is very rich in Chinese medicine.

Materials: 15 grams of Angelica, Rehmannia, Chuanxiong and Baiji.

Practice: Add the right amount of wine to all the herbs, then add water to cook.

Tips: When cooking, use a medium-sized rice bowl to hold 4 bowls of water, and cook until the last amount of water is OK.

Usage: Drink on an empty stomach in the morning and evening, any temperature can be, but after the medicine is cooked, it is best not to put it overnight and cook again.

Efficacy: blood and blood, not only can improve the pale, rough skin and other conditions, but also make the hair become moist.

However, there may be many girls who are not familiar with the Siwutang that is cooked by the basic cooking method, because it is completely a Chinese medicine soup! Don't be frustrated, the cooking method of Siwutang is actually very flexible. I want to make it better to drink. Just add it in!

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