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The wood is tough, the texture is clear, the hardness and strength are moderate. Generally, the openwork relief can be adapted. The planing surface is smooth, the string pattern is beautiful, and the pattern of “chicken wing wood” is one of the main furniture materials. The characteristics of the wood, the heartwood and sapwood are clearly distinguished, the sapwood is narrow and dark yellow, and the heartwood is dark purple-grey; the material is light and hard, the mechanical strength is high, the texture is straight, and the structure is thick. It can be used for furniture, decoration, etc. The eucalyptus is dried, shaped, carved and lacquered, and can be used to make exquisite lacquer crafts. The furniture market in the north is everywhere.

The coffin and the coffin produced in the south are known as the “Northern Pole”. The width of the material is large, the texture is excellent in temperature and temperature; the deformation rate is small, and the engraving and decoration are mostly rough. It is the great man in the wood, the husband.

The eucalyptus has the distinction of jaundice and sable. The scutellaria is more common, and the wood is light yellow when it is newly cut. The color gradually deepens with the age; while the purple enamel is naturally black and purple, and the color is similar to the color of the old mahogany. Therefore, the northern furniture is the largest of the coffins, with wax and varnish. The coffin is symbiotic with other materials, and the ancient furniture provinces such as Shanxi, Shandong, Hebei, and Henan can be seen at any time. The age of eucalyptus furniture was also large, and it never stopped production from the early Ming Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty. Its evolution process and regional characteristics are very clear. The early eucalyptus furniture was mainly for the worship of furniture, such as the table for the case, the shape of the ancient pipa, and more in the temples, homes, etc., so that it can be preserved to this day. There is a wood-carved tub, which is unpainted and unadorned. After long-lasting touch and air oxidation, the patty oil is dazzling and the wood grain is old and strong. A hundred years of relics, intact, and caressed. It seems to touch the face of the vicissitudes of the years.

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