Vapor-phase rust-proof heat shrinkable film

Type of Patent: Invention Patent Inventor: Li Yanming Applicant: Li Yanming Principal Applicant Address: 255400 Minhang Village, Xindian Subdistrict Office, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province Application No.8
Application Date: 2004.12.24
Auditing Announcement No.: 1796449
Auditing Announcement Date: 2006.07.05
Main classification number: C08L23/06 (2006.01)I
Classification Number: C08L23/06(2006.01)I; B29C49/04(2006.01)I; B32B27/32(2006.01)I
Category classification number:
Manual CD-ROM: D0627-1
Abstract: Vapor-phase rust-proof heat-shrinkable films are composed of inner and outer layers that are compounded together. The weight percentage of the inner layer composition is: 60-80% of low-pressure polyethylene, 5-20% of linear low-pressure polyethylene, and metallocene polyethylene. 5 to 15%, 5 to 10% of vapor phase rust inhibitor, 0.2 to 1% of organic pigment, and weight percentage of outer layer composition: 75 to 95% of low-pressure polyethylene and 5 to 25% of high-density polyethylene. The vapour-phase rust-proof heat shrinkable film of the invention can shrink under heat and can be made into packaging bags. When the metal products and the parts packages are packaged, they can be shrunk after heating, the space in the bag is greatly reduced, and the vapour phase rust inhibitor is instantly affected by the high temperature. A large amount of volatilization fills the cavity in the bag and has a good rust proof effect. The shrinkage of the packaging bag is directly encapsulated on the outer periphery of the package. The packaging effect is good and the space occupied by the package is also reduced. The film of the present invention is made into a packaging bag and can be packaged with precision machinery, hardware tools, auto parts, electronic and electrical equipment and other products, parts and the like.
Sovereignty items: 1. A vapor-phase rust-proof heat shrinkable film composed of an inner layer and an outer layer that are compounded together, characterized in that the weight percentage of the inner layer composition is: low pressure polyethylene 60 to 80%, linear low pressure polyethylene 5 -20%, metallocene polyethylene 5 to 15%, vapor phase rust inhibitor 5 to 10%, organic pigment 0.2 to 1%; outer layer weight percent composition: low pressure polyethylene 75 to 95%, high density polyethylene 5 ~25%.
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