Automatic multicolor screen printing machine

Shenzhen Zhaoxing Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a large-scale automatic multi-color screen printing machine at the 2006 China International Screen Printing and Billboard Industry Exhibition, which aroused widespread concern in the industry. This machine eliminates the problems that currently exist in screen printing systems. It is simpler to use and more convenient to use in digital control systems. The unique moving platform design and single orbital vacuum adsorption system enable stable operation and precise positioning of the objects to be printed in multiple printing processes; the ground space is effectively used to enable the printing machine to simultaneously complete the composite printing and drying process; The structure and the remarkable new drive conversion system make the commissioning simple and reliable. With the modular combination, the printing color group and drying combination can be added at any time with the increase of the user's production capacity. At present, it is possible to configure the 4-8 color module unit, which can also be upgraded and upgraded. Savings and reinvestments are suitable for various types of screen printing, such as PET, PVC, adhesive stickers, advertising, POP, clothing cuts, heat transfer paper, thermal transfer paper, water transfer paper, etc. Solved the overprinting difficulties caused by the shrinkage of the printing process, and can choose different drying methods such as ordinary ink, thermosetting ink, UV ink, etc. to reduce the operator and labor costs, reduce the defective rate, fast delivery , And energy saving and environmental protection, to achieve a fully automated operation.

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Hard Cover PU Cover Notebook

This Gorgeous Hard Cover PU Cover Notebook is a spiral design, making it so easy to take notes on the go. Take it to meeting or keep on your desk for everyday notes and ideas. You can even customise yours with our Service.

This Hard Cover PU Cover Notebook is just waiting to be filled with toughts, memories, doodles and inspiration. It is Sprial-bound, so it lays flat when open making your best handwriting easy to achieve and not wastinng any paper. Its unique size is also compack enough to fit neatly into your various bag, biner or bike baske sitution but is still roomy enough to write note, to-do lists, and bullet journals. The design on the front is Hot-Stamping.

It is an environmentally responsible paper with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative stamp to prove it. It is acid-free for archival quality because we know that every word you write deserves preserving. 


Purpose:Promotion, Gift , Sale.

Inside Pages:40-300 Sheets.

Cover Material:Leather / PU / Paper / Cork / PVC, PET.

Type:Spiral-bound / Hardcover / Magnetic /Saddle Stitch / Perfect bounding



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Nearly 80% procedures can be done in our factory. 


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