Common Printing Methods Principles and Process Overview (5)

Special printing

The so-called printing usually refers to the printing of books, newspapers, pictures, posters, advertisements, and packaging materials. Most of them are printed on paper, there are printing plates in the printing process, given a certain pressure, the use of general ink, in order to get print. With the development of printing technology and the different needs of people's lives, the application of printing methods and printing is expanding, and printing methods that are different from general plate making, printing, post-press processing methods and materials production for special purposes will be adopted. For special printing (speciality printing)
According to different contents of special printing, there are many types. One of the following features is classified as special printing.

1. Use special inks to print on paper or other substrates;

2. Use special printing methods to print on special shapes or special materials;

3. A special process printing method that transfers the print to other substrates.

Therefore, special printing is not necessarily limited to the traditional printing method, but other printing methods may also be used to obtain the printed matter.

In special printing, the use of special printing methods are: China's unique woodblock watermark, and hose printing, inkjet printing, holographic printing, electrostatic printing and so on. Printing with special performance inks includes: foam printing, perfume printing, magnetic printing, liquid crystal printing, and the like. Special-shaped prints can be printed on surfaces such as cylinders, cones, spheres, and irregular surfaces. Printing on special printing materials, there are many materials used today, including: glass, plastics, metals, ceramics, silk, rubber, wood, etc.; printing transfer paper is now widely used, since ancient times there is a ceramic transfer paper; The development of various kinds of decal printing nowadays, which can be transferred to metal, wood, plastics, and building materials, will have a broad future for the use of special printing. All kinds of wallpapers and decorative boards are printed. With the development of science and technology, there will be more special printing methods.

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