Corrugated carton packaging printing (3)

2 kinds of special printing box way

2.1 Plastic Gravure Composite Carton Process
When a single-faced corrugated production line is used, if a glossy film needs to be applied after the printing of the facing paper and the production volume is large, the printing may not be performed on the surface paper, but the gravure printing may be performed on the plastic film by a gravure printing method. It is painted on white, and the printed plastic film is first compounded with the face paper, and then the box is formed according to the conventional carton forming process.

The characteristics of this process are:

1 Carton production costs are low. When the production volume is large, such a process can greatly reduce the printing cost of the tissue paper and the material cost of the tissue paper. Because the noodle paper does not need to be printed, non-coated white paper can be used, so that the cost of the noodle paper is greatly reduced.

2 beautifully printed. Because plastic gravure is used, the printing effect can be comparable to that of offset printing. It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that in the process of plate making, it is necessary to fully consider the dimensional change and deformation of the plastic film. Otherwise, the carton face paper will be misaligned with the lower cardboard.

2.2 Coated paper gravure composite carton process
When the production volume is relatively large, the film is not required and the printing effect is good and the cost is low, this process can be adopted. The process is to use a paper gravure printing machine to print thin (60-90 g/m2) art paper, and then composite this finely-printed art paper with normal slag paper or cardboard, and use it as a carton and then proceed with Pairing and normal carton forming.

The characteristics of this process are:

1 Carton production costs are low. The main reason for the reduction in cost is to convert whiteboard paper to low-weight coated paper in combination with cheap linerboard, which reduces material costs.

2 beautifully printed. Paper gravure printing is very beautiful.

3 Gravure plates are more complicated and costly, and are not suitable for printing carton products that are often revised.

4 The operation and control methods of the printing process, such as paper compounding and box making, must be carefully explored, accumulated, and reasonably implemented. Otherwise, the waste product rate will easily increase.

2.3 Direct offset printing corrugated box process

Corrugated carton direct offset printing process is relatively mature in foreign countries. It is the corrugated board directly on a special offset press for printing, suitable for processing thin corrugated carton.

The process can not only ensure the good moldability of the carton, but also can complete the exquisite face paper printing, but the printing machine used is relatively expensive. In the next few years, this process may become the new direction for the development of high-end carton printing in China.

2.4 screen printing corrugated carton
The screen printing corrugated box process uses direct printing. Since the ink ratio of the screen printing plate is proportional to the hole pitch of the screen, the resolution of the screen printing is not high, the image accuracy is low, and the number of conventional screen lines is 60 to 80 lines/inch.

Screen printing corrugated boxes have the following advantages:

1 The printing format can be large or small.

2 can be completed before the box into the printing, but also after the box into the printing.

3 The screen printing ink is thick, its color saturation is high, the visual effect is strong, especially the spot color prints the field, the effect is better.

4 Plate making is easy and the plate making cost is low.

5 The printing cost is low.

6 The printing quality is relatively stable. The disadvantage of the screen printing corrugated box is that it is not suitable for the linkage production line and the production efficiency is low.

3. Conclusion
It can be seen from the above analysis that there are many methods for carton printing. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to select the appropriate printing method according to the characteristics of the carton produced. In particular, high-quality, high-volume production of corrugated boxes, pre-printing is undoubtedly the best way.

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