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In today's society, the status and role of commodity packaging in sales activities is increasingly eye-catching, packaging makes corporate goods colorful, attractive, and surveys show that 63% of consumers decide to purchase according to the packaging and decoration of products. Female consumers, who are attracted by the exquisite packaging and decorating, often purchase more than their budget. It can be seen that the packaging is the face and clothing of the goods. They enter the eyes of consumers as the "first impression" of the goods, and hit the psychological balance of whether the consumers purchase or not.

Due to the lack of attention to packaging, in the past long period of time, China's export products suffered huge economic losses due to poor packaging.

In ancient China, there is a legend called “buying 椟 椟 椟 珠” that is, packaging is a great attraction for people. In today’s commercial activities, exquisite packaging can not only attract consumers, but also is an important means to enhance the value of goods.

Once at the famous international exposition, Maotai was ignored by people because of its rough packaging and stylus. This shows that even if it is "inside the world," neglecting the packaging of goods will eventually lead to failure. Good products must be friendly packaging.

A good package does not have to be luxurious. In recent years, China's moon cake market has formed a kind of “strange circle”. We advocate better packaging products, but pay attention to the fact that excess packaging will form a fraud to consumers and use “embroidered pillows”. The type of packaging to deceive consumers is undoubtedly the lifting of a stone to their own feet.

Japan's achievements in the field of packaging in recent years are undoubtedly outstanding and worthy of our study.

Japanese goods pay attention to packaging is mainly reflected in the packaging design and packaging paper pattern, color matching and other aspects, fully highlight the visual effects, resulting in a strong visual impact, so that consumers feel that the packaging is very elegant. In a department store or supermarket in Japan, it can be seen that the packaging of food, beverages, and other daily necessities is basically an ordinary paper box, but the design of these boxes is not only convenient and practical, but also the design and color of the box are very harmonious and beautiful. It is also exquisite, which has virtually improved the quality of the goods, and also increased the value of the goods in people's minds. While absorbing foreign culture, Japan's packaging design is more aware of the importance of promoting the cultural tradition of the nation. It has found a path suited to the development of domestic packaging design between traditional and modern, Eastern and Western. Therefore, the design of Japan not only has strong characteristics of the times, but also contains profound Oriental cultural spirit. They spent more than 30 years to complete the development of the West for nearly a century. And form a unique Japanese style. They even integrated text and art into the packaging and decoration. Not only did they convey accurate product information, but they also made the packaging and decoration style elegant and chic, full of cultural atmosphere and distinctive ethnic characteristics.

Compared with other countries, the status quo of China's packaging is undoubtedly worrying. With the continuous development and improvement of China's successful accession to the WTO socialist market economy, packaging has gradually evolved from the subordinate position of commodities to an important component of commodities. Extremely clear business value. Its mission of giving value to packaging is no longer the original concept of “package” and “loading” in general, but is a form of sales that integrates the design of art, product introduction, and usage instructions.

Based on the Chinese market and the international market, Chinese packaging has been constantly changing, and now it has broadened its own substantive role: from simple "package" and "premium" to a higher value promotion, from passive to candidate development to energy. The semi-active position that attracts people to purchase has become a salesman of goods, which has greatly improved the reputation of the company and enhanced the efficiency of the company. Therefore, after recognizing this point, all companies have turned their attention to the key link of packaging. As a result, the unpleasant phenomena that arose.

"Youyang is a move" is one of the unpleasant phenomena in Chinese packaging. China's packaging industry started to develop relatively late, but the gap with developed countries is still very large. In this case, it is feasible to learn from foreign mature concepts and advanced operating methods. However, the hope of packaging in China completely hopes for "foreign". It is not practical. Really moving the whole set of foreign countries, may be "satisfied with" indigestion. This will not only fail to promote the correct development of Chinese packaging, but will make it go astray.

Another undesirable phenomenon in China's packaging is to consider only cost regardless of package quality. Goods to win customers. Not only must we pay attention to the first quality of the goods, but we must also attach importance to the packaging of the goods. The quality of packaging not only directly affects the customer's desire to purchase, but more importantly, it directly affects the grade and price of the goods, which seriously affects the economic benefits. Competition for goods is also largely a competition for packaging. There are two serious problems in the packaging quality of China's export goods. On the one hand, it is reflected in the packaging of export goods. This problem is concentrated in foods, medicines, beverages and other products that are directly related to consumers. In particular, many foods are Chinese traditional products and are unique internationally. Most of the medicines are proprietary Chinese medicines, and are also specialties produced in China. Grade and endoplasmic quality are impeccable. However, when consumers see the packaging of most Chinese goods, they are unable to generate a desire to purchase, and even have doubts about the quality of internal products. This is largely due to factors such as the quality of the packaging and the presence of defects on the packaging. Design Online. China

On the other hand, the quality of the outer packaging (ie, the transport packaging) of the goods during the transportation into the market is not of such a quality that not only can not effectively protect the goods, but also greatly affects the integrity of the inner packaging and reduces it to some extent. The quality of the product. Because of complicated logistics channels, export goods pose a certain threat to the packaging of goods and commodities. Among them, the environmental impact, biological destruction, external force, man-made mode of operation and chemical activity corrosion are all the most critical elements that threaten the commodity and packaging. All kinds of reasons affect the normal sales of goods, and it is necessary to overcome and avoid the various threat factors that are encountered in the circulation of goods in the design. Improve overall quality.

Blindly pursuing modern consciousness and losing national characteristics is another misunderstanding of Chinese packaging. There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of modern consciousness. It is only necessary to pursue it just right.

The role of ethnic characteristics in packaging is particularly far-reaching. Ethnic culture is a national style and cultural characteristics. The national characteristics of the packaging are the visualization and concreteness of ethnic cultures in commodity packaging and commodities, and they are representative. They can approach the consumers in cultural psychology and communicate closely with consumers. This is a very effective package design. One of the important and non-negligible factors. Excellent packaging not only has its own role, but also has influence and driving force on consumption.

Users appearing on the packaging of authentic domestic products are foreigners with high nose and blue eyes; foreign languages ​​are added to the packaging of goods that have no export, and these mistakes that blindly advocate Western culture can only make Chinese consumers There is a psychological bias and it is difficult to accept, let alone purchase. Design Online. China

Export commodities should also pay attention to and study the cultural and psychological differences between Chinese consumers and consumers in other countries. In a more psychological sense, the Chinese pay attention to overall consciousness, orthodoxy, and ethics, while the Westerners regard the monomer as the core and pay attention to personal roles and interests. In terms of thinking, the Chinese are "from big to small." Thinking and understanding pay attention to order, positive and complete, while Westerners are "from small to large" thinking and understanding, starting from the core of the problem, speaking about the function, being good at reversing and not seeking order; emotionally: the western likes to release, widely, and mysteriously. The Chinese like to be steady, upward, and full. In short, only by grasping the different ethnic and cultural ethos of different consumers and incorporating ethnic cultures in the packaging of commodities can be understood and understood by all kinds of consumers, and cause emotional resonance to enhance consumers' desire to purchase.

The blind pursuit of luxury and material is also one of the misunderstandings of Chinese packaging. It does not take into account the psychological differences of consumers and does not take into account the different regions. It is a form of packaging, a kind of packaging material, and even a kind of text. Packaging design only pays attention to practicality, security, economy, and aesthetics. It is not enough. It must also pay attention to how to make package design attractive and fully reflect the reliability of the product. The appearance of the package must have a strong visual appeal. It must be based on the consumer's psychology and adopt novel designs and novel ideas, develop new materials, enhance the freshness of consumers, and induce consumers to purchase motives.

The use of color for packaging and decorating has a great influence on consumer psychology. Therefore, the use of color must be based on the characteristics of the modern consumer society, based on the characteristics of the goods, based on sales targets. The use of export goods packaging should pay attention to the use of color, because different countries, different regions, different nationalities, different religions have different requirements and understanding of color. For example, the Chinese people have a love and admiration for red. They are used to use red for celebrations and festivals. It gives people a warm, warm, uplifting, reunion feeling of color, symbolizing auspiciousness, happiness, and majesty. In some countries in Western Europe, there is a hatred and fear of red. In their minds, they think that red has the feeling of brutality, aggression, and war. In this way, when choosing the color of the package, we must strictly consider the differences between consumers, study and master the different levels of psychological acceptance of different consumers, and use different colors to enhance the packaging's own role.

In summary, there are indeed many weaknesses and deficiencies in China's packaging. The factors involved are also extremely complex and cannot be transformed overnight. However, in terms of the overall development trend, China's packaging development speed and quality standards are healthy and have achieved certain glorious achievements: The general trend of reform and opening up and the international market has made considerable progress in terms of functional roles of packaging, quality, modeling, and material processing. In particular, it has achieved outstanding performance in the development of packaging functions, making packaging beyond its original status. The simple role has evolved into a promotional part of the merchandise, and in the development of materials, it has also used many advanced materials that incorporate modern technology. In the development of traditional Chinese forms of packaging, it can be closely integrated with modern consciousness to form a series of excellent packaging with Chinese representativeness and shine in the international market.

Source: Design Online Author: Xiaodan (Hubei University of Technology)

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