Elimination of static electricity during offset printing

In the offset printing production, static electricity has always been a headache for operators. Due to the different design and production conditions of each unit's plant. There are various emergency methods for the prevention and elimination of static electricity. Here's the author's method.

When the front side of the paper is printed, there is static electricity at the take-up table. When printing on the reverse side, Feida's paper sucker cannot suck on paper. Related equipment: a steel ruler with a length of 50cm, a 10# wire or copper core wire with a length of 1.5m, an iron bucket or a tin box.

Specific methods: first half bucket of water filled with iron bucket, placed under the delivery table (not to the receiving bucket pressure bucket prevail); a wire into a ruler hole in the steel ruler, bent into a diameter of 30mm The ring is hung with a steel ruler, and the other end of the wire is placed in a conductive iron bucket. Put a steel ruler with iron wire in the paper on the static delivery table and move it left and right a dozen times (200 sheets can be moved once). It will obviously reduce static electricity. For quadruple or offset presses, this method is very effective.

Source: Longjiang Printing Network

Food-Grade Jumbo Bags is a kind of can realize grain,  and about the powder,  granular food container unitization transportation,  convenient loading and unloading,  can greatly reduce the cost of food transportation and human cost of a kind of flexible packaging container.
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Food-grade Jumbo bags

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