Turbidity meter / microcomputer turbidity meter

The degree of scattering of light produced by insoluble particulate matter in a transparent liquid and quantitatively characterizing the content of these suspended particulate matter. It can be widely used in turbidity measurement of power plants, pure water plants, waterworks, domestic sewage

The difference between European furniture and American furniture

American furniture originated in Europe and has been popular since the 1930s. It is very obvious that the blood of British, French and Italian classical furniture is flowing, so many people can easily confuse European and American styles, but carefully discern, both still have More obvious

New technology for scrap steel preheating in electric arc furnace

2 to provide guidance on the production of the site.

5 Conclusions A cycle of flowmeters for the treatment of the set-up. The elegant value of this formula agrees well with the circulating flow rate when Baosteel's book age is small.

3 Established a formula for calcula

Where is the plate furniture expensive?

The first expensive in design, the second expensive in materials, the third expensive in processing.

Regardless of the design, the panel furniture also has the advantages and disadvantages of the materials. If 100% eucalyptus shavings are used to press the wood-based panels and

National drinking water standard

Recently, in order to combat some vague concepts in China's mineral water market, China has issued a new national drinking water standard. Nowadays, natural mineral water has occupied an important position in the market, and many high-priced mineral waters with various fu

[Exhibition information] Your tenth year, fluorite walked with you

Ten years, not long or short, but also a reincarnation.

Ten years is enough to make a childish child grow into a dreamy teenager; a tree that is enough to make a delicate sapling grow into a mature tree; enough to make a company become a mature and powerful force from ignorance

Paper tray bat handmade

Paper tray bat handmade
Paper tray bat handmade handmade materials: paper tray, eyes, paper, scissors, gl