Constant temperature and humidity test chamber humidity test description

As we all know, the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is mainly used for temperature and humidity tests. According to the customer's test requirements, the name can also be: high temperature and high humidity test box (double 85 test box / double 95 test box), low temperat

Walk-in cloakroom design

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] The more common cloakrooms in the market are open, walk-in and independent. Among them, the open cloakroom is convenient, simple and spacious, but the dus

Soil corrosion field combination tester data

Soil Corrosion Field Combination Tester/Soil Corrosion Tester Model: HAD-TFY-2 I. Instrument Features The tester will use 30 kinds of fifty-six according to the experience of soil corrosion and protection field test work for many years. Various types of instruments, electrodes, reagents, applia

The secret to maintaining the condensate test box

The condensate test chamber can be used for 100% humidity test, and can also test low temperature, high temperature and humidity at the same time. It is an indispensable test equipment for quality inspection institutions, electronic power, automobile and motorcycle industry. However, the i

YASELINE salt spray box experiment method introduction

The YASELINE salt spray box is made of imported PP board. The maximum temperature tolerance is 80 degrees. It can be used for neutral salt spray test, acid salt spray test, copper accelerated salt spray test, one box and three use, automatic control, three test methods. The temperature and

ZJ-600, ZJ-800 air purifier use maintenance manual

Product Features Air Purifier is an air purification unit that provides a working environment. It is a simple indoor purification equipment. When the pendant is installed, it can perform indoor air self-circulation. When the window is installed, it can continuously send clean air into the room.

Grinding head grinding machine

The multi-functional mill produced by our company can continuously grind various foods, Chinese herbal medicines and other materials into uniform powders of 50~120 mesh (depending on the nature of the materials). The grinding machine series quickly and evenly grinds various dry materials by mea

The appearance of the home fashion wardrobe trend

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] After the wardrobe meets the basic needs of people, the design of the exterior becomes more and more important. The European style wardrobe is no choice, no matter the quality or design.