Flexo printing: leading a new trend in the era of green printing

Green printing covers the entire system process of pre-press, printing and post-press. It requires the use of environmentally friendly printing plates, printing materials and auxiliary materials. The printing process meets the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving and

Rotary Mixer Product Specification

Adjustable speed and range of rotation angle (0° to 90°) • Digital feedback control: smooth and continuous agitation or timing operation? Digital LCD backlight display? Quick and easy operation with the Jog-shuttle knob (rotation + press) ? Motor overload protection function? Open a

Constant temperature shaking incubator maintenance

Shanghai Bilang constant temperature oscillation incubator maintenance:

1. Proper use and attention to the maintenance of the instrument, so that it is in good working condition, can extend the life of the instrument.

2. After the refrigeration system stops working, wipe th

Human Binding Albumin (HAP) ELISA Kit Usage

Detection range: 96T10μg/ml -400μg/ml Use purpose: This kit is used to determine the content of haptoglobin (HAP) in human serum, plasma and related liquid samples. Experimental Principles This kit uses a double antibody sandwich assay to determine human haptoglobin (HAP) levels in specim

Nuclear factor E2 related factor 2Elisa kit experimental principle

Nuclear factor E2 related factor 2Elisa kit experimental principle 5-hydroxytryptamine, HPLC≥98%, 56-69-9 epidermal steroid, 97%-99% or more, 16844-71-6 bromocresol purple glucose protein hydrazine The price of the medium, used for the pressure steam sterilization effect to determine the

UV analyzer index

UV analyzer indicators:
â–³ Power supply: 220V, 50HZ.

Introduction of stainless steel smelting process

Several typical stainless steel smelting processes are as follows:

(1) Use carbon scrap steel to produce primary molten steel in an electric furnace, and follow the EAF_AOD (or VOD) process route.

(2) Using hot metal pretreatment to remove ESi and EP