Integral system boosts bottle and cap manufacturers

As the professional trading platform for bottles and caps in China, China Packaging Bottle Net has gone through 7 years since its establishment in 2006. Compared to other comprehensive B2B e-commerce platforms, Zhonghua Packaging Network has been deeply cultiv

Professor Hua Yi developed the world's smallest semiconductor laser

Professor Hua Yuan has developed the world's smallest semiconductor laser. US and Chinese scientists have jointly developed the world's smallest semiconductor laser. This research called "surface plasma laser technology" is a milestone in the field of laser physics. It was pub

2010 Pharmacopoeia gelatin hollow capsules

Take an externally dried 100ml measuring bottle of ethylene oxide, add about 60ml of water, add a stopper and weigh. Use a syringe to inject about 0.3ml of ethylene oxide without a stopper, shake it, close the stopper, and weigh it. The difference between the two weights before and after is the

The effect of static electricity on print quality

1. Affect the printing quality of the product The first is the surface of the substrate charged, such as paper, polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, etc. They will absorb paper dust or a lot of dust, impurities, etc. floating in the air, thus affecting the tra



A-B company's product specifications are complete, rich in variety, its main push of large and medium-sized PLC products are PLC-5 series. This series is a modular structure. When the CPU module i